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Thefourth Verfe opened. Pfal.i 3o. Thirdly, It denotes condonation or allual forgiver:efl it tilt, as we are made partakers of it ; comprizing it both actively, as it is an Adof Grace in God, and p liively as terminated in our fouls, with thedeliverance that attends it. In this Cede as it looks downwards, and in its efleîts refpe6s us, it is of meet Grace ; as it looks upwards to its caufis and refpeds the Lord Christ, it is from propitiation or attonement. And this is that pardon which is adminitíred in the Covenant of Grace. Now as to theplace which thefe words enjoy in this Pflm, and their Relation to the Rate and condition of thefnsl here mentioned, this feems to be their importance. O Lord, although this muff be granted, that if thou fhould/t mark, iniquities according to the tenor of the Law, every man living muff perish, and thatfor ever ; yet there is hope for my foul, that even 1 who am in thed_'pths offin-entanglements, mayfind acceptance with thee ; fir whillt 1 amputting my mouth in the duff, if fo be there may be hope; I find that there is an Attonement , a propitiation made for fin, on the account whereof thou fayeff thou haft found a Ranforce, and wilt not deal with them that come unto thee according to the feverity andexigence ofthyJustice; but art gracious, loving, tender , ready to forgive and pardon , and deft f accordingly ; THERE IS FORGIVENESSE WITH THEE. The following words, therefore thou (halt befeared, or that thou waist be feared, though in the Original free from all Ambigui -. ty, yet are Co signally varyed by Interpreters, that it may not be amiss to take notice of it in our paffage. TheTargum bath it, that thoumaylt be fien. This answers not the word, but it doth thefins of the place well enough. God in his difpleafureis Paid to hide bimfelf, or his face, Isaiah 8. i 7. The Lord hideth his face from the house of Jacob. By forgivenrf we obtain again the light of his countenance. This dispels the darknefs, and clouds that are about him ; and gives us a comfortable profpect of his face and favour. There it forgivenefl with him that he may be fëen. Bcfides , there is but one letter different in the Original words ; and that which is ufually changed for the other. The LXX. render them, irercee ò,44a.7ós eu; for thy names fait ; or thy own fake, that is, freely, without any refpeci unto any