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Ver.4. again the f rgive>xefs'offin. one of them out of the hand of conference. It would divide the fpoil with this firong one. It [hail condemn the faCi, or every fin ; but it (hall no more condemn thefinner, the Perlon of the tinner; that (hall be freed from its fentence. Here Corr_ fcience labours with all its might to keep its whole dominion; and to keep out the power of frgiveneflfrom being enthroned in the foul. It will allowmen to talkof forgiveneff, to hear it. preached, though they abufe it every day ; but to receive it in its power, that ftands up in dire6t oppofition to its dominion in the Kingdom, faith Confccience, I will be greater than thou ; and in many, in the moff, it keeps its poffe(fion , and will not be. depoled. Nor indeed is it an eafie work fò to deal with it The Apoffle tells us, that all the Sacrifices of the Law could not do it, Heb. ro. 2. they could not bring a man into that elate,- he fhould have no more confcience offin ; 'that is, Confi.. ence condemning the Perfon; for conféience in a fenfe of fin, and condemnation of it, is never to be taken away. And this can be no otherwife done but by the blood of Chrift, as the Apo(tle at large there declares. It is then no eafie thing to make a difcovery of forgivenefs unto a foul, when the work and employment which Confccience upon unqueftionable grounds challengeth unto it felt, lyes in oppofition unto it. Hence is the fouls great defire to eftablijh itt ownRighteoujneff, whereby its natural Principles may be pre- ferved in their power. Let Pelf-righteoufnefl be enthroned, and natural confcience dffires no more ; it is fatisfied, and pacified, The Lary it knows ; anct Righteoufneif it knows, but as for for- givencfl it (ayes, whence it it ? Unto the utmolt, until Chrift per- teas his conqueft, there are on this account fecrct (iruglings in the heart again(lfreepardon in the Gofpel, and figam tions of mind and Spirit about it. Yea, hence are the doubt/ andfears ofbelievers themfelves : They are nothing but the (trivings of Confcience tokeep its whole dominiün ; to condemn the firmer as well as the fin. More or lets it keeps up its pretenlions again(} the Gofpel, whilft we live in this world. It ins a great work that the bloodof (:hrilthath to do - upon 'the' Conjcírnce of a finner; for whereas, as it bath becn declared', "át hath M power,