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84 7Jefiirony of the Law Pfal.t3o, death; piomifcth a R: ward, and declares that for non-perfor- mance of duty, de ith will be inflidted. Oh there terms the (inner cometh into the world, they are good, righteous, holy; the foul accepts of them, and knows not what it can defi;e b_ tter or more equal. This the Apoille intills upon, Rom. 7. 12, 13. Where(re the Lam it holy, and the comrandmmt holy and juit andgood; was then that which was good made death ten.. to me ? Godforbid ; but fin that it might appearfin, working death in me, by that which is good ; that fin by the commandment might become exceeding finful. Whereever the b'ame falls, the foul cannot but acquit the Law, and confcfs that what it lays, is righteous, and uncontrollably equal. And it is meet things should be fo ; Now though the Authority and credit of a Wit- nefs, may go very far in a doubtful matter ; when there is a concurrence of more witnefles it flrengthens the Teflimony ; but nothing is fo prevalent to beget belief, as when the thing! themfelves that are fpoken are jufl and good, not liable to any reafonableexception; And fo is it in this cafe ; unto the Auth%rity of the Law, and concurrence of confcience, this alfo is added, the Reafonablenefs, and equity of the thing it fill pro- poled, even in the Judgement of the (inner ; namely, that eve- ry fin (hall be punithed and every tranfgreflion receive a meet recompense d' reward. 4. But yet further. What the Lan, fayes, it fpeaks in the name and authority of God. What it fayes then, mull be believ- ed, or we make God a Lyar. It comes not in its own name, but in thename of himwho appointed it; you will fay then, is it fo indeed ? Is there noforgivenef.r with God ? for this is the conLant voyce of the Law, which you fay fpeaks in the name and Authority of God, and is therefore to be believed. I an- fwer briefly with the Apot}le; What the Law ffieakr, it ¡eafts to them that are under the Law. It doth not (peak to them that are in Chrifl, whom the Law ofshe Spirit of life, bath fit free from the Law of fin and death; but to them that are under the haw it fpeaks, aad it fpeaks the very Truth, and it fpeaks in the mame ofGod, and itsTefltmony is to be received i It fayes there isno forgirrenef3 inGod, namely, to them thst are under Law I and they that ía11 flatter themfelves with a contra- ry