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Ver.4. Fit f Prefìsmptions ofForgiveneff'. Falfe Prefumptions ofForgiveneßdifeovered, Differences between them, and FaithEvangelical. Before I proceed to produce and manage the remaining Evi- Fa?f: Pre- dences of this Truth, becaufe what hath been fpoken, 'yes ob- fumptions noxious and open to an Objeîtion which mull needs rife in the ofForgite- minds of many, that it may not thereby be rendered ufelefsn:fs. unto them, I (hall remove it out ofthe way, that we may pafs on towhat remains. It will then be faid, doth not all this lye dire6fly contrary to our daily experience ? Do we not find all men full enough, moll too full ofApprehenfions of Forgivenef with God ? What fo common as God is merciful ? Are not the Confciences, and Convidions of the moll flifled, by this Apprehenfion ? Can you find a man that is otherwife minded ? Is it not a common complaint that men prefume on it, unto their eternal ruine ? Certainly then, that which ail men do, which every man can fo eafily do, and which you cannot keep men off from doing, though it bf, to their hurt, hath no fuch difficulty in it as is pre- tended. And on this very account hath this weak endeavour to demonfirate this. Truth been by force laughed_ to fcorn ; men who have taken upon them the teaching of others, but (as it fetms) hadneed be taught themfelves , the very firll Principles of the Oracles of God. Anfw. All this then I fay isfo, and much more to thispur- pole may be fpoken. The folly and prefumption of poor fouls herein, can never be enough lamented. But it is one thing to embrace a cloud, a thadow , another to have the truth in reality. I (hall hereafter fhew the true nature of for- giveneß, and wherein it Both conftl, whereby the vanity, of this [elf-deceiving will be difcovered and laid open. It will appear in the iffue that notwithflanding all their pretenfions, that the moll of men know nothing at all, or not any thing to the pur- pofe of that which is under confideration. I (hall therefore for the prefent, inCome fewObfirvations, (hew how far this de- itsfton of many , differs from a true Gofpel difcovery of for givenefs, fuchas that we are enquiring after. Fir(f,