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88 Falie Prefitmpláons ofForgivenéf,e. Pfal.i3oo i'rrlt, The common notion of forgivenofl that men have in the world, is twofold. (i.) An Athcij}ieal Prefrmption oiz God, that he is not fo Ttri and Hoy, or not Yuji and Hey in filch a way and manner as he is by forne reprefented, is the ground of their perfrva4en offorgiveneß. Men think that fume Declarations of God, are fitted only to make them mac. Thai he takes little notice of thefe things, and that what he doth, he will eafiÿ p¡ß by, as they tuppofe better becomes him. Lorne, Let us eat and drink for to morrow eve Jhall dye. This is their inward thought, the Lord roil not do good, nor will he do evil; which (ayes the Pfalmifí, is mens thinking that God is fùch a one as themfelves, Kai. 5o. 21. They have no deep nor fcrious thoughts ofhis Greatnefs, Holinefr, Purity, Severity, but think that he is Ike them(elves ; fo far as not to be much moved with what they do. What thoughts they have of fin, the fame they thinkGod bath. If with them a light ejaculation, be enough to expiate tin, that their confciences be no more troubled, they think it is enough with God, that it be not punifhed. The generality of men make light work of fin; and yet in nothing doth it more appear what thoughts they have of God. He that bath flight thoughts of fin, had never great thoughts of God. Indeed mens undervaluing of fin, ariiéth meerly from their contempt ofGod. All fins concernments flow from its Relation unto God. And as mens apprehcnfrons are of God, fo will they be of fin, which is an Oppofttion to him. This is the frarn: of the moti of men ; they know little of God, and are little trouble about any thing that relates unto him. God is not reverenced, fin is but a trifle, forgivtnefl a matter of no- thing; who fo will may have it for asking. But (hall this Atheijiical wickednefs of the heart ofman be called a dziovery of f,rgivenefi ? Is not this to make God an Idol ? He who is not acquainted with Gods Hounds and Purity , who knows not fins defert and finfctlnefs knows nothing of for- givenefs. Secondly, From the dolirine of the Goffiel commonly preacbed and made known, there is a general notion begotten in the minds ofmen, that God is ready to forgive. Men I fay from hence, have a doeirinai Apprehcntion of this truth, without any real