Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

DAVIDS TRIUMPH ovER DIS RESSE -+ oR, An EXPOSITION of the XXVII Pfalm. PsAL.27. VERS. i. APfalmofDavid. The Lord is my light and myfalvation , whom fhall Ifear ? The Lord is theftrength of my life, ofwhom flail Ile afraid? His Pfalm (as the title fhewes) was pennedbyDavid that kinglyProphet, the fweet Pfalmift of Ifrael : for the fpirit of the Lord fpake by him , and his wordwas in his tongue, 2 Sam.23. i, 2. whichcircumftance , well obfer- ved, will give ftrength to the applica. Lion ofevery good duty , prefi'ed upon us by his example , in theparticular branches ®f the Pfalmd B 2 TQ