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e3GsA2C..rksz46.46cAtr ti4w.44, THe duthour of thefe enfuing Ser- mons, Mr. THOMAS PIERSoN, was fo famous in his generation, fucha burning and fhining light and fo inflrumentall to the good of the Church, both by his own indefatigable labours in the Minif1erqof the Gdel as alfo by the publifhing of divers l reatifes of Mr. Per- kins and Mr. Brightman; that I could not but do him this right not onely to give an Imprimaturto this Comentaryofhis up- on force Pfalmes, but alto to fignifie to the Reader the Pietie, Learning, and Worth of the i4uthour, and to commend thefe his *Sermons to everygood Chri(fi- an, as holding out many Orthodox and favoury Truths, and by obedience to whichTruths, many fouls went toHea- ven without entangling themlelves the many un-edifying fjin janglings of chete fad divided times. July, theOh., 1647. ED: CA L A At Y. ,i_

EXCELLENT Encouragements AGAINST AFFLICTIONS; O R, Expofitions of four fried Mimes the XXVII, LXXXIV, LXXXV, and LXXXVII. t Davids triumphover disirefv. Contain- z Daviais hearts deftrv. ing , ; The Churches exercîjc under it/Athos. 4 Thegreat Cerofthe Church. By the learned and laborious, faithfull andprudent Minifter of GodsWord, Mr. THOMAS PI ERSON, late Pafiour of Brompton-Brian in the County of Hereford. RoM. I5.4. Whatfever things Were writter'i aforetime Were Written for our learning, that we throughpatience andcomfort ofthe Scriptures might have hope. LoxnON, Printed by 7®hx Legatt , f®r RhonStephens ; at the gildedLion in mauls rchyard. MDCxLVU 7


TO THE TRVLY NOBLE Sir ROBERT HARL ,. Knight of the Honourable Order of the Bath, the comforts ofgrace here, and a crownofgloryhereafter. SIR, Mongfl other difadvanta es , to which the poflhume publication ofdeceafedmens works isfubjelt, one ra,that thepublifhersare com- monly fubeétedto havedealt in- jurioufly either with the i4u thours themfelves, in ofribing- that to themwhich is not theirs, or with others in u- furping that interefl unto which they mightpretenda better title. That nofuch j"u fßitionmay takeholdonmeby octafion of thefeenfuing Expofations, 1prefume toprefent them unto you, whobell know how Imaybe juflifredby the re- verendAuthours own-hand writtencopies,andlafl will and teflament. Nor amI willing that any thingofhis fhouldpaf fe into thepublike throughmy hand, twill I have madean open acknowledgement of the/peciall iaa A 3 tere

The Epific terefiyou hadinhimwhilaf1he lived itshis Patron, and flillhave in all hispaper pofierity ,es theprincipallguar- dian to whom he commended the tuition thereof. For theft Idare not attempt tofay any thing concerning the fubjeci matter of them as inway of commendation, be- caufe it- is no other but theficred i'vordof Godwhich he himfelf bathmagnifiedabove all his name. Pfal. a 38. 3. and thereforeif I fhould goe about toPeak to that purpore at all,it mull be withfuch a premonition as that in the Satyrequicquid dixero minus erit : and fuck commendationsdo commonly incurre as jufily theymay, the cenfure of di aragements. But for the ollethod ebferved in the handling thereof ( how meanly fop ever efteemed of by many who peradventure never took thepains to look into it)Idare be bold tofay,that no true clrtifi can uponferious confederation except a- gainfi it, but that he mufffecretly condemnehimfelfe of too too wilful prejudiceandpartiality. For change but the termes,andinfleadofDo[Irineor obfervation write Theoreme or Propo f tion,'nfleadofExplication,Conflru.. i ion,infleadofReafon, Demonfiration, and inflead of life andApplication, Corolarie or Conclufron, and you willprefently think thatyou feefomany Divinity Pro- blemes Mathematically handled, and it maybe conceive , s Ido, that be who chofe to rife his method frfi in the courfe ofhis c winitery was afarre greater ertifi, andknewbetter whyhefhould dofo then many of thofe that either e f fell an ignorant imitationofhim, or care- leflycafi acaufelefefcorne upon the methoditfelfe, for forne mens inconfiderate mi(ufage ofit. The Authour of ;heft enfningExpofitions vasnoneofthem asyou, and many

Dedicatorie.. "rimymore well able toitiolge,canwitnefe withme, and theft AMMO others of writingsmay te/life, which through your hand, andunder your nameIconfecrate unto the common treyforeofthe Churchandpublikebe- nefit of all that love to look into the infideof the ily Scriptures, not curiouflymincedandmangled, or care- lefty torn inpieces howfoever, but artificially dilTecled and laidopen to the viewofall, even indifferentcapaci- ties : towhom to eakfoplainly, that theymay beedify- ed, is the bell ofofart, andan harder matter inSt. Hierom'sopinion (Epiftolâ ad Nepotianum) then to aflonifh andamaze them with amultitude of words the eafieft thing ofa thoufand, and that which it may be they flrive moll todo, that can or will do nothing well. Verbavolvere & celeritate dicendi apud im- peritum vulgus admirationem fui facere indoeto rum hominum eft, faith the learned father. Anda little after, Nihil tam facile quam vilem plebecu- lam & indoaam concionem lìnguæ volubilitate decipere qua' quicquid non intelligit plus miratur. Fut-ofthis convincing preacher ( as one thatyou know was :fed to call him) it wouldbe bard tofay, whether his own underflanding in thefacred oracles ofGod, or his diligence and dexteritie in making them odviouc unto the underflanding ofothers were more remarkable. once Iamfure that theft' amongfl other excellent endow- ments wherewith he was eminently qualified, bothmade bid lifefodear unto you, andHillpreferve his memorie foprecious inyour efleem, that Imake account you would impute it unto me as an impertinent prefumption if I /heu-ldpretendmineown engagements, or anyother in- ducements

The Epi{Ue Dedicatory. ducements wbatfoever to excufe my boldneffe infeeking tohonour any ofhis papers withyour publike patronage, you having profey ed yourfelfe honoured d in that he m to be left you theprivate owner of them, ad y fervant in the publication of that eth hrmfelfe thoughtfitfor the preffe, g inmany refpeas obliged to be Your Worships innsllobfe at duty unfeignedly devoted CHRISTOPHER HARVEY. DAVIDS ... 4"1. . .

Davids Triumph OVER DISTRESSE. OR, AN EXPOSITION OF THE X XV I I Pfalm. By Mr. THOMA S PIBRSON, late Rceïour of Brompton-Brian , in the County of Hereford. ,,443,34- LONDON, Printed forPhiltmonStephens, at the gildedLyon inbuds Church-yard. i 6 47!

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DAVIDS TRIUMPH ovER DIS RESSE -+ oR, An EXPOSITION of the XXVII Pfalm. PsAL.27. VERS. i. APfalmofDavid. The Lord is my light and myfalvation , whom fhall Ifear ? The Lord is theftrength of my life, ofwhom flail Ile afraid? His Pfalm (as the title fhewes) was pennedbyDavid that kinglyProphet, the fweet Pfalmift of Ifrael : for the fpirit of the Lord fpake by him , and his wordwas in his tongue, 2 Sam.23. i, 2. whichcircumftance , well obfer- ved, will give ftrength to the applica. Lion ofevery good duty , prefi'ed upon us by his example , in theparticular branches ®f the Pfalmd B 2 TQ

2 AnExpofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. Verf. z . The time when this Pfalmwas penned, may probablybe gueffed, by the matter of it , to have been , when he was perfecuted by the handof Saul and his followers, of whofe cruelty he complaines , verf. 2. and prayes againft them, verf. 12. The chief matter of it is , a notable exprefïion of affi- ance, and confidence in God, in his greater dangers, com- mending the fame, by the notable fruits and effects thereof. His godly affiance he teftifieth three wayes. Firft, by plain and expreffe profeflion thereof, in fwect variety of phrafe , and gracious application , by fundry remarkable fruits and effeas thereof, to bePeen in his godlybehaviour, in the fixe first verfes. Secondly, by humble prayer , and fapplication for audi- ence, mercy, favour, inftru'ion and preforvation , verf. y, &c. to 13. Thirdly, by a godly provocationof his own foul , upon good ground, (till towait upon God, verf. 1 z, i 4. For the first : ` Davids affiance, and confidence in God, is very elegantly, in fweet varietyof phrafe , plainly teri- fied in the kid} verfe,when he calleth the Lord his light,and his falvation, and the ftrength of his life : and there alto is amplified, by a notable effect ofgodly fecurity, in freedome from fervile fear,propoundedby way of interrogation,and allo twice repeated, for better afiùrance. In all the three titles, which he gives toGod , there is a facred trope , the effect is put for theefficient. For, to fpeak properly , God was the authour and fountain of light, falvation, and ofltrength , and not the things them - felves. Likewife, in the first word , there is another trope, a Metaphor : for light is taken in a tranflate and borrowed fenfe, for joy and gladneffe: as Efther 8. 16. which is to the heart a pleafant thing ; a$ light is to the eye. Ecclefi 1. 7. So as his meaning is, to encourage his heart againft the reproachofhis enemies, that wouldbid him be packing, to hide himfelf in mountains and deferts , as Pfal. i 1. 1. fet- ing the Kinghhnfelf did feek his life. Why (faith David ) I have The fcope and generali divifion of the whole Pfalm. Verf. t. The meaning ofthe words. Metonymic ef- fah'. r metaphora.

Verf. r. AnExpofitienofthe 27. Pfalme. 3 I have pehovah the true God , for the authour of joy and gladnefl'eto my heart,thegiver of fafety tomy perfon,and offrength unto my life, whom fhould I fear ? Should I be afraid ofSaul, orany other man , when as the Lord is my comfort, by undertaking my fafety , and girding me with itrength, as Pfal. i 8. 32. In thewords thus underfiood, note two things : Firft, what God was to David : fecondly , what benefit David reaped thereby. For the firft ; The true God is unto David thefountain of oladnef fe to The firft Ob- hisheart, theAuthour offafety tohisperfon, and thegiver fervation. offtrength andmight,for the pre/ervation ofhis life. For light ofcomfort, fee, Val. 18. 28. Thou wilt light my candle, that is, encreafe my fmáll comfort : the Lordmy Godwilllightenmy darknefe, that is, give me comfort and joy, inflead of mifery and forrow. Hence he cals God his exceeding joy, Pfal. 43.4. And that he was the Authour ofhis fafety, fee Pfd. 3. 3. Thou Lord art afhield for me: and Pfal. 4.8. Thou Lord onely makeft me dwell infafety. For givinghim ftrength and might , fee, Pfal. 18. 2. The Lord is my rock, and myfortreffe , and my deliverer : my God, my .strength. Verf. 3 2. It is Cod that girdethme with ftrength. Verf. 39. Thou haft girdedme with (Irength unto thebattle. The reafon orground of this happinefl'e, is Davids being The Reafon. in covenant with God : as God himfelf teftífieth of Da- vid; calling him his fervant , whom he anointed withhis holyoyl : and promifing , that his faithfulneffe and mercy fhall be with him : yea, his mercy will hekeep forhim for ever : andhiscovenant (hall ,Band fall with him. He fball cry unto me, thou art myfather, my Cod, and the rock,of my falvation. Pfal. 89. 20, 21, 24, 26, 28. And David him- felf layethclaim to this covenant with God , Pfal. 119. 94, I am thine, fave me : and Pfal. 23. I . The Lord is my fepheard : and, in very many Pfalmes, he calleth theLord his God ; as Pfal. 7.1. 0 Lord, my God, in theewill Iput my tru,{t : and Verf. 3. 0Lordmy god. B 3 This

4 A, E.pOirlitinraof the 2 . Pf,4l . The firf} Ure This ferves for inftruciion, admonition, andc mfort. for infiru tt- For inftru±ion twowaves : Firft , touching Gods all- fatTiciency in himfelf, for all hischildren , for whatfoever they wane, or freed, elfe Davidwould never have Paid with affurance , that God became fo manygreat blefiings unto him , as here he doth , and in many other places as Pfal. 18. 2, and Pfal. z 44. t, 2. c.itiZyflretr th, my geadrlaf"e, my fortreffe, myhigh tower , and my deliverer, my field , &e. This point the Lord taught Abraham plainl},Gen. 17. I. I amGod Allfufficient, or eAlmighty. The second Secondly , this (hews plainly thehappy estate ofthofe, life for in- that Rand rightly in covenant with God , as David faith; Oration. Idleffed is the nation , whole God is the Lord , Pfal. .33. 12 For God being inhimfelf all-fufficient , becomes all inall to thofe, that be his people by covenant. Pfal. 103.17,1 8. The mercyoftheLord isfrom even-Lifting to everlafting,upon them thatfear him, andhis righteoufrcef feunto childrens chil- dren, tofuck as keephis covenant. Hzs eyes runne to andfro, throughout the Whole earth, to fheW himfelf (lrong in the be-. halfofthem , whofe heart is perfec`l towards him. 2 Chron. 16. 9. HeWill make all his roodneffe pap before them. Ex- od. 33. r 9. He Will bleffe them , in their basket , in their dough, within thehoufe, and in thefield, Deut. 28. I , 2, &c. to 15. Hereupon David faith, he fhall not lack, Pfal.2 ;.t and the Church faith, thewill not fear, having God for her refuge and strength. Pfal. 46. I, 2, 5. with 7f.3 3.z1. The firí'c Ufe For admonition, this ferves three wayes. Firft , feeing for admoni- this was Davids great happineffe in his troubles , that he tion. could fay, The Lordis my light and mysalvation, &c. That we should fearch and try,whether God be that tous,which hewas to David. And this maybeknown, ofeverychilde Howwe may of God at this day. For first, if God be the light ofgrace know that and comfort to thy foul in Chrift jails, hewill be the light God is our light. ofjoy and gladneffe, in his providence to thy heats : and ifhe be fpirituall falvation in Chfift Je-fus, he willnot de- ny thee temporall prefervation : and if h'ebe theStrength ofthy foul in grace, he wilibecome thç.ftrength ofthylife in on.

Vert °x. n FxptJtiart of tJe 27. Pfalme, in nature. In thiscafe thou rnaift reafon, as Daviddid, Pf. 56. 13. Thou haft delivered myfoulfrom death , Wilt thou not deliver my feetfromfalling? Now the evidence of tliele heavenly and fpirituall.blef fngs fromGod is this. I irft, that he becomes the light of grace unto our fouls appears three wayes. Firff, by our true repentance, whereby we awake from the fleep, and .Band up from .the death of time. Eph. 5.14. For-fixh. as w.atk in.drknefle, and yet lays claim to fellowfhi°p with Gad, who is pure light , do but lye in their profeflion. iyak 1. 6.. Secondly,by a con,flant and confcionable praaife ofnew obedience, according to the rule of Gods word , which is doing the truth, nah.. ;. 2 t For filch have .fei1owf ip with Christ , and, with the true Members ofhis Church , i 70h): L.7. Thirdly, if we fuffer for the Gofpel, and for righteouf neffefake, when we are .cal d thereunto. Heb. io. 3 2. Af- terye wa?ere.enlightned,_ ye enduredagreatfight, throughaf- flidions: Forsto believers;it isgiven, not onely to believe,but tofuffer, Phil., 1. 29. . Secondly, that God becomes our fpirituall and eternall How we may falvation is thus known. Firft , if he have faved us from know that fìnne i ,re ar f dominion. So. as corruption doth not (lid is our. ' g p falvation. r i n.. See, ./Wr tth. 1. X21. with Luke i. 71, 74, 75. and i Pet. it i8. Secondly , ifhehave wrought in our hearts the grace of true faith, whereby we reft and rely on the merits ofJefus Chrift for jwâificationand falvation. See ?vim 5.24. with ?ohn 5. 1°,14. Thirdly, if he have drawn our hearts to love the bre- thren. 'Zahn 3. 14. Weknow that we havepafedfromdeath ¡4 tp;l fe, 6ecaufewe love the brethren. Thirdly, the Lord lothmanifeft hitu if to becórne.our How we may l iritijaU ,ftrength , when he bath enabled us bytraceto know that he know, andufe that fpirituall armour mentioned , p,icf. 6. is ourftrength. ic, &c. Finally, my Brethren, be;íirong in theLord, and in

Í. The fecond life foradmo- nitíon. }low to get into covenant with God. The third life for ad- monition. The life comfort. n Expefitionofthe27. Pfalme. Vert is in the power of his might : put on the wholearmour of God : the girdle oftruth : the breft-plateof righteoufneffe: fhooes ofpeace ( which be Chriftian patience ) : the fhield of faith : the helmet offalvation : the fwordof the fpirit:. and prayer for 4rength, skill and bleffing , in theufe of all the former. Secondly, ifwe findedefef in the fore-namedblet3ìngs, we mat give all diligence thereunto : as 2 Pet. 1. 5, tic. to the i o. verfe. And the way is, toget rightly into covenant with God through Chrift Jefus, in whom God becomes all thingsunto u , that be needful]) efpecially for our fpirituall welfare. And to get into covenant , we mutt both repent of our finnas, for fo 7ohnprepared the way before Chrift, Matth. 3. 3 and made ready a people for him, L41.17. Alfo labour to get the graceoffaith , for that is engrafting grace. Rom. I i. 17, zo. Now the meanes of both thefe is the word and prayer. The law prepares the heart for grace, by the fight offïnne , and by working humiliationfor fin : as, Rom. 7. i i. i Cor. 14. 24, 25. TheGofpel is theword ofhis grace, . liar 20. 32. and by the bleffing ofthe fpirit is immortal! feed, i `Pet. I. 23, 25. it is theword offaith, Rom. io. 8, 17 and prayer obtains the fpirit, Luk. I 1.13. which is the fpirit offaith, 3 Cor. 4. i 3. therefore the Dif- ciples. by prayer fought faithof Chrift. Luk 17. 5. Thirdly in the fruition of any of thefè bleffings , fee whether to return the honour and praife, namely , to him, that became all thefe toDavid. And indeed , thus have the godly, for force one or more ofthefe, continuali caufe of praiíc, and thanks to God. Therefore we muff in all things give thank!. i Thef. 5. 18. for For comfort, this makes greatly to the godly, whomake confcience of their wayes, and endeavour to keep covenant with God. For, God will become all thefe unto them, as he was to David : whereupon they may rejoyce, as , Pfat. 21. 1. and fay they í11a11 not lack, as Pfal. 23. 1. for their God is all futlicient for them, as Ç. 17.1. We have ken what God became to David: now .wee cone

V.rf.t . _n ixpofrtionofthe 27. Pfalme. come to fee the fecond thing, to be noted in theverte , the benefit which David reaped , by having the Lord for his light, and falvation, and for the firengthofhis life, name- ly , hereby he was freed fromhumane flavifh fear and ter- rour. This he confidently expreffeth to be certain , as well by the manner of propounding it , by way of queftion which here implyeth a more vehement negation ; as alto, by the repetition of his freedome , which fhewes that his heart herein was refolute : as Gen. 41.3 2. the dreame is doubled to give certainty. Mark then Davidsconfidence and courage : having the The fecotita Pion: Lord for his Eiod, he is armed againft all fear ofmen , or other creatures. Pfal. a i 8.6. The Lord is on myfide, Iwill notfear :.What can man do unto me ? Pfal. 2 î. 1, 4. The Lord is my Jhepheard, &c. Though Iwalk. through the val- leyofthefhadoWofdeath , IWillfearnone evill. Pfal. 3. 3,6. Thou Lordart a bucklerfor me, I will not be afraid of ten thoufand ofthepeo le, that "hall bett me round about. The reafon is, becaufe having the Lord for his God by The Rearm. covenant, he had title to Gods power, which is Almighty, for his defence and fafety : and that upon Gods fure word andpromife. See Pfal. 91, 1, &c. He that dwelleth in the fecret placeofthe mcfl high, !hall abide under thefhadow of the Almighty. IWillfay of the Lord , he is my refuge, and my fortrefe : my God , in himWill I trufi : Thou fhalt not be afraidfor the terreur by night, &c. This ferves for inftruaion, and for admonition. For inftruaion, two wayes. Firft, fee here, that there is The firft Ufe great gain in true godlineffe: as i Tim. 6. 6. and much forinftru&i- fruit in religion, to thofe that attain to true righteoufneífe: on. as Pfal. S 8. i 1. For fuch, as be truly godly, be in furecove- nant with God , and thereby have right and title to the great comforts and bleffings, which Gods own divine pro- perties afford , unto the Tonnes of men : as here , for in- fiance, tobe freed from humane fervilefear, by their right and*emit to Gods power and might ; for what needs he to fear, that hathGodspower for hisdefence ? The three G children

S An Expofition of the 27. Pfalme. Verfat. children did hereby encourage themfelves in great prefent danger. Dan. 3. 16, 17. We are not carefull to anfrer thee in this matter. Our God, whom weferve, is able to deliver its from the burning, fifty .fttrnace , and he will deliver as out of thine hand. And for affarance hereof, mark all Gods gracious pro mites of protec`fion and prefervation to the godly : as Ifa. 41. 14. Fear not thouworme 7acob, &c. I%a. 43. I, 2, 3. Now faith the Lord, that created thee, O Ifrael, fear not, for I have redeemed thee,and called thee by thy name,thou art mine. When thou paflèft through the water 1 will be with thee, &c. If a . 5 1 . 1 I,12, 13. The redeemed of the Lord (hall obtain joy and gladnefhe:and forrow and mour- ning (hall flee away. I, even I,am he that comfortech thee: who art thou, that thou fhouldeft be afraid ofa man, that (hall dye, and ofthe forme of man, that 1hall be made as grafle ? and forgetteft the Lord thy maker, &c. Addehere- to, yerem. 46. 27, 28. Fear thou not, oh thoumyfervant yacob for I will fave thee I amwith thee. Obj. But we fha ll finde, that the moft godly do fear, as Davidhimfelf. Pfal. 116. t I . IPaid in my hafte , all men are lyars : And 1 Sam. 27.1. I(hallnow perifh one day by thehand ofSaul. Anfrv. Thiscornes from theweaknefïfe of their faith, as (-Matti). 14. 30, 3t. Peter feared, though he had Chrifts word for his warrant , through theweakneffe ofhis faith: which may alfo beencreafed by prefent guilt in force fin. Obi. But theg-dly fometimes flye, and fall before their enemies, and fo cannot but fear. Änlit. All promifesof temporall bleffìngs, fach as free- dome fromhumane fear is , are to be understood with ex- ceptionofthe croíle, that is, mutt give way to Gods cor- rec4ion for finne ; as in David, 2 Sam. 12.14. and toGods making triall ofgrace, as in /4, Chap. 2, 3. The fecund Secondly , here fee the true ground of that difference, life for in which isbetween thewicked and thegodly , about flavifh (lru&i©rn, fear a,nd godly boldneflè plainly testified by Solomon. frov.

Verf2. A;; Expofaíionofthe 27. Pfaime. Prov. 2 8. t . The Wickedflee , When no man purfueth : but the righteous is bold as a Lion. This cometh hence,The god- ly have theLord with them, and for them, and that makes them bold : but the wicked have the Lord.againft them,and that frikes their hearts with fear anddread. See the truth of this in inftance. c/1_fofes leader all the people of Ifrael boldly through the red fea : Pharaoh followeth boldly for a while, but at length he and all his hotte are affraid ; and flye away , and are drowned. Heb. i 1.29. with Exod. t 4. 25. And at Chrifts refurrec4ion , the keepers are as dead men for fear, but thewomen , that fought Jefus , are bid not to beaffraid. (Alatth. 2 8. 4, 5. The i.ife for For admonition, it ferves two wayes : Firft, to take no- admonitim tice, that the truegrounds ofcourage and boldneffe is this, that a man hath the true God for his God : that fo , who- foever would be comfortable and couragious in the evill day, do labour for this estate , to have the true God for his God. It is not onely true, that affiic`tion followeth fin- ners , fo as evill {Ball hunt the wicked perfon todeftruefi- on, Pfal. 140. r 1. but even the godly themfelves are fub- ject to many miferies : as Pfal. 34. I 9. Through manifold tribulations we muff enter into the kingdome of God. Ae4s a 4, 22. Now, unlef%God be for us, the heart will fait, when evilscome, as WJabals did, i Sam. 25.37. And none indeedhave the Lord for them, but thofethat ftand right- ly incovenant with God : whichbe filch, as repent of their finnes,believe in the Lord Jefus,and walk innew obedience. This is wholfomedoarine; for fouldiers in warre, Mari- ners on the fea, and for every one in evill times. Secondly, thofe that have true courage and comfort in The fecund evill times, mutt learnhence to give Godall the glory. For life for adnó- g y mtion. this is theLords gift , as David confeffeth , Pfal. i 8. 29, &c. 9 Vert p.

lo .41$ Expofitionofthe 27. Palme. Vert. z. Verf. 2. When thewicked, evenmine enemies, and my foes, came upon me , to eat rip myflefh , theyRumbled zndfeJi. ll The meaning Ere David gives inftance,from his own experience, of of the words. l 1Gods powerful! prefervationof him in extreme dan- ger : which no doubt he propounds , as the ground of that great confidence profeffed in the former Verfe : as in like cafe, he encouraged himfelf to encounter in fight with, great Goliah, becaufe Godhad formerly ftrengthened him again a Lion and a Bear, 1 Sam 17. 33 , 34, 35. In the inftance here made, wehave three things tonote. Fir,{t, theRate and conditionof Davids enemies, they are wickedmen. Secondly, their purpofe and attempt againa David, they cameupon him to eat up his flejh ; that is, utter- ly to deitroy him , as the roaring lion devoureth a little fheep. Thirdly, the iff ie and fuccefíe of their attempt; they ftumblcdandfell. The fir(t Ob= For the firft note. Davids enemies and foes are wicked Çervation. men, Pfal. 3.7. Thou haftfmitten all mine enemies on the cheekbone , thou haft broken the teeth of the ungodly. 'Pf. 5. g,9. David praying for fafety,becaufe ofhis enemies,faith, There is nofaithfulneff e in their mouthes, their inWardparts are very wickedneffe, &c. ï fai. 6.8. Hee cals his enemies workers of iniquitie. Pfal. i 7.9. The wicked that oppreffe him are his enemies : andVerfe 3. Deliver myfoul from theWicked. The Reafon. The reafon whereof , is the enmitie put byGod himfelf, between the feedofthe ferpent and the feedoftie woman, Gen.,3. 15. which. Davidfound, Pfal. 3g. 19, 2C. They that render evillforgoodaremineadverfaries, becaufe Ifol- loW the thing that good U. : and our Saviour Chrift, 1eh.7.7. Theworld hatethme, becaufe I teftifieofit , that the deeds thereofare evill. Who alfo fore-told his Difcipleshereof, 7oh 15. I 5. IfyeWere of the world, theWorld Wouldlove it own : ¿nt , becaufeye arenot of theworld, but have chore's

Vcrf. 2. An Expoftionefthe 27. Pfalme. chofenyouout ofthe world, therefore the World hatethiyou ofd John 16. 3 3. In the worldy emall have tribulation. This ferves for inftruc ion, admonition, andcomfort. , For inftruc`tion, it fhewes plainly, what the godly :xnuf The de for expea, and look for in this world, at thehands of wicked in11m ìon. men, namely,all bitter oppofìtion and enmitie that may be: as Chrift Jefus toldhis Difciples , ye /ball be hatedofall na- tionsforma namesfake: and therefore tels them , that he fent them forth as Cheep into the midft of Wolves.'c4'Tat. I o. 16. Which thing David had found long before, and thereupon complains ; My f oul u- among lions , andIlyea- monp t the children of men , that arefet onfire , whole teeth are»mares and arrowes, and their tongue aTharpfword, Pfal. 57.4 eAndmine enemies - Workers of iniquitie -- lye in Waitfor myfoul. Pfal. 59. T, 2,.3._ Myfoulhath long dwelt With himthat hat eth peace. Iamfor peace, but When I(leak they arefor Warre. Pfal. i 20. 6, 7. This Paullikewife felt, Ads 20. 23. The holy Ghoft witnef feth in every City , that bonds and affliionsabide me. See 2 Cor. II. 23. Inflripes above meafuce, in prifon more,iequent, indeath oft. Yea, it was the cafe of the refit of theApoftles , as wellas his. I think (faith he) that Godhath fet usforth, the lageApoftles, as it Were appointed to death : For We are made a fpel-tacle unto the world, unto Angels, andtomen, i Cor. 4. 9. For admonition,it ferves two wayes: Firft, to the wic- The fir(l ked, that they confider their eftate in Gods fight , when Ufe for ad- they arefo fpightfuily bent againft thegodly : fureiv, this is monition. that venemous corruption , which they receive from the old ferpent the devill. This Paul accounted the madneffe of his naturali eltate : Acts 26. z 1. And being exceedingly madagainfl them, Iperfecutedthem untofirangecities. Secondly, to the godly, to bebothwife as ferpents, and The fecond harmleflè asdoves : and tobeware ofmen. Alatth. 10.16 üfefor ddtwp- I7. So did David, Ffal. 39. I 2. Iwill keep `my mouth nition. With a bridle, while theWicked is before me. Iwas dumb with filence, Iheldmy peace evenfromgood. For comfort, thismakes greatly to the godly, that their The Ule for C 3 adver- comfort.

12 AnExpofition of the 27. Pfalme. Verf.a. adverfaries are wicked men , for they mayhereon reft af- fured , that Godwill not joynwith their enemies, unleffe it be for trial!of grace , as in lob , or for the times of the godly, in forfakinghim : for then the Lordmay jultly ufe the wicked ; as rods and fcourges for their correfion : as Ifaiah 1 o. 5, 6. 0Affÿrian,the rod of mine anger, and the Gaffe in their hand is mine indignation. So yob 8.2o. Be- hold, Godwill not calf away a perfect man , neither will he help the evil! doers. Indeed, ifwe forfakehim , he will forfakeus. 2 Chron. i 5. 2. Rejoyce therefore , O ye na- tions, with his people : for hewill avengethe bloud of his fervants , and render vengeance to his adverfaries, and will be merciful! unto his land, and to his people. Deut. 32.43 Confider the Lords with. Pfal. 81. 13, 14, i c . Oh that mypeople had hearkened unto me : and Ifrael had walked in my wayes1 I fhould foon have fübdued their enemies,&c. Adde /filial) 5c. 1 o. and 54. 8,14, > 5. The fecond The fecond thing to benoted here is, the purpofe and ate Obfervation. tempt ofDavids enemies againft him: they came uponhim, to eat uphis fiefh; that is, utterly to defiroy him.Mark then, Davids enemies did fully purpofe, and endeavour hisut- ter ruine and deftruction. Pfal. 18. 4. The forrowes of death compaffedme, and the floods of the ungodly made mee affraid: Pfal. 56.2. (-line enemies would daily fi''allow me up, they be many that fight againft me : Verf. 6. They gather themfelves together, they hide themfelves, they marl_ myfteps, when they wait for myfoul. Pfal. 57. 4. Myfoul is among lions : I lye among them that are fet onfire : even thefanner ofmen , whofe teeth are #eares andarrower , and theirtongue a fharpfword. Pfal. 69.4. They that hate me without acaufe, aremore then the haires ofmine head : they that Woulddeftray me, being mine enemies wrongfully , are mighty. TheReafon. The reafonhereof was , their fpitefull wrath and hatred againif David; as he confeffeth,in the behalfof the Church withhimfelf, Pfal. 1 24.2, 3. If it hadnot been theLord, whowas on our fide , when men roleup againft us. Then they

Verf. 2. .eln Expofition ofthe 27. Pfalme. they had fwallowed us up quick , when their wrath was kindled again,{} us. And this fpitefull wrath, was kindled in them againft David , on twooccafions : firft , becaufe of his religion and pietie , withwhich their corruption could admit no accord ; as the Apoftle Both intimate , 2 Cor. 6. 14. and Davidconfeflèth, Pfal. 3 8.20. They , that render evil/forgood, are mineadverfaries;becaufe Ifollow the thing that good is : as Cain flew his brother, becaufe his owne workswereevil/ and his brothers righteous , 1 john 3. i 2. and herein thedevill fet them a work , tohinder religion : as Revel. 2. I o. Secondly, becaufe of the honour and dig- nity whereto God had advanced him. Pfal. 4. 2. O yee Tonnes ofmen , how longWill yee turn my glory intofhame ? Pfa1.62.4. Hong longwaye imagine mifchiefagainft a man: They onely confiult to cafe himdown from his excellency. This Saul himfelfconfeffeth in hisfury to ?onathan his fon. 1 Sam. 20. 3i. As long as theTonne of jeffe (that is David) liveth upou theground, thou ,foalt not be eflatilifhed , nor thy kingdome : Wherefore nowfetch him untome., for he fhill furely dye. This ferves for initruc`tion, and fór admonition. For infirudion, it ferves two wayes. Firf} , todifcover the exceeding meafure of corruption, that is in natural', men , and thereupon, their rfr arfitil. elate in foul co. God_ ward. Their fpitefull 'hearts, an& ragingWrath aga;inf the godly, wherebynothing will fatisfie therm; 1st their utter ruine and deflruaion, {hews the great meafure oftheir cor ruption. When they will eat up Gods people, as they eat bread ;. that is, devour themwithdelight this fiievüs:lift arecorrupt: as `Pfal,53.i,3,4. And that theyare fb fpite- full minded is plain by initance, ?f,4l, 83.4. They hate faid, come, and let uscur them off from being anatioa, that the name oflfrael may beno more in remembrance: Teri nations were confederate againft Ifrael. with thisrefolt i- on. The like wee may fee in the carnallWIfraelites againft Paul, Ads 22. 22, They lift up their voices, andfaid,away with fuch a feilQw from the earth for it is notiithat he fQuld 13 Why fpitefull wrath was kindled in Divids ene- mies again{} him. The firft lite for infIru- ftion.

AnExpofttunofthe 27. Pfalme. Verf. 2. fhotalive: yea inPaul himfelf, before he was converted: for he perfecuted Chriftianity unto the death : AFIs 22.4. and was mad this way, (hap. z6. f f. Now this maliceand hatred againft the godly , fhew them to be the children of the devill : as t ?oh. 3. f z. and ?oh. 8. 40, 44. The lecond Secondly, to manifeít, that there is a fpeciall providence Ufe for in- of God, over his Church and children , that preferves and ftruftion. keeps them, notwithstanding all the fpite, and rage of the wicked againft them : as Pf&. 105. i 2, 13, 14. When they Werebut a feïc men in number , yea veryfew, and f rangers in the land : When they Wentfrom one nation to another,, f om one kingdome to another people. Hefufferedno man to do them wrong. The firfl Ufe For admonition, it ferves two wayes. Firfl, to the wic- for admoni- ked , to confider oft heir corrupt affe lion, in fpite and ha- non. tred againfi the godly , and whence it comes ; that fo they may difcern their fearfuil Rate in foul,and labour toalter it: Flow theyhand affeéed , their own hearts can tell them : even as Ahab wasto cillichaiah, i King. 22. 8. Ihate him. But whence is it ? See ram. 3. f 4, i 5 . evenfrom thedevil: as Alts li 3. io. ifenemie ofrighteoufnefe, then chalde of the devill: as john 8.40,44. Now the way ofchange from that eálate, is by regeneration ; which indeed is Gods work, yet in theufe of meanes ordained by himfelf , even the word and prayer : for the word is the feed of our newbirth , i Pet. i. 23. and prayer obtains the fpirit , whichputs life thereto : See, Lull, it. It 3. and rob') 6. 63. The z.Ufe for Secondly , to thegodly , often to bethink themfelves, admonition. what their religion maybringupon them from the wicked, evenall their wrath and hatred, furyand rage; that fo they may get the fure fhelter againfl it , which is only this , to have God for them: as Pfal, 118. 6. The Lord is on my fide, IWill not fear : what can man do unto me?For he is the fa e keeper Pfal.,i 2f . 4, 5. whereon Davidaffures himfelf of fafety. Pfal. 3'. 3, 6., and yeremiah, 20. 15. Now heis ours bycovenant, and continues for us , while wekeep fait to him in uprightneffe ofheart : See 2 Chren.i 5.2.The Lord

Will s. AnExpofitionofthe 27. Pfahne. 15 Lordis withyou , While ye be With him : and Chap, x6. 9. The eyes ofthe Lord runne to andfro , throughout thewhole earth,tofhew himfelflrong,in the behalfofthem,whofeheart is perfetl towards him. INIow a perfe&heart is difcerned,by an obedient life : Ifa. 3S. 3. Ihave walked before thee in truth, andwith aperfeft heart , andhavedone that Which is good in thyfight : with ?ob I. I. That man was perfeEt,and sspright, andone that fearedGod, and efchewedevill. The third thing to be noted here is, the ifhueand fuccefle The third of the cruel attempt ofDavidsenemies againft him. They Obfervation. didnot onely fail oftheir purpofe againft David ; but even themfelves Rumbled and fell. See this plainly, both in his particular combate withColiah , i Sam. 17. 44, 49. who laid, hewould give Davids flefh to the fowler of the ayr, and to the beafts ofthe field : but it fell out otherwife. Al- fo in manifold battles,that he fought again(} the Philiftims: wherofhe faith ingenerall , Pial. 118. i o, i 2. All nations compaffedme about They compiled me about like Bees : they are quenched as the fire of thornes. The truth thereof, fee r Chron. 14. 8, &c. when the Philiftims came up againft him, two feverall times , in great abundance , andbrought their Gods with them , which he burnt with fire at Baal. Perazim , Verf. 12, &c. See allo, Pfal. 37. "1,15. The Wickedhavedrawn out the!word , and have bent their Bowe, to calf down the poor andneedy, and toflayfuch as be of up- right converfation. Their (word fball enter into theirowne heart, and their boxes(hall be broken. The reafon, or caufe hereof, was in God : who for juft The firII Rea= caufes flood for David, and fet himfelf againft Davids ene- fon. mies. God flood with David for thefe caufes. Fir,ft , hee found him out,and chofe him todohim fervice,in that place andRate, wherein he was fo mightily oppofed by hisene- mies. See Pfal. 89. 20, 21. I have found David myfer- vant ,with my holy oil have Iannointed him. Withwhom my handj7all be eftablifhed : mine arm alto(hallftren¿thenhim, d-c. as Aft: 1 3.22. IhavefoundDavid thefonne of Jeífe, a man after mine owne heart. Pfal. 78. 7o. Flee chofe D David

I6 AnExpofition of thez7. Pfalrme. Verf.z. David hisfervent, and toolz himfrom the Jheepfold. The fecund Secondly, Davidtrufted inGod, and fowas holpen. Pf. Reafon. 62, t, 2, 3. Trulymyfoul wrtitethupon God: from him co- methmyfalvation. He onely is my rock, and myfalvation he is my defence, I /hall notgreatly be moved. How long will ye imagine mifchiefagainfl a man?yefball 6eHainall ofyou: ou abowing wallJhallye be, andas a totteringfence. Pfal.2 t. 7, 8. The King truffeth in the Lord , and through the mercy ofthemof1 high he¡hall not be moved, &c. Pfal. 91. I, 2, 9. He that dwelleth in thefecret place of themoil high, Jhall a- bideunder thefhadom ofthe Almighty, 05-c, The third Thirdly, Davidprayed unto the Lord, and fo was pre- Reaton. ferved. Pfal. s 6.9. When I cry unto thee , then fhallmine enemies turn back¿: this I know, for God isfor me. Pf. 34.4. Ifought the Lord,andhe heardme, and deliveredmefrom all my feares. Verf. 6. This poor mancried , and the Lord heard him, and Pavedhim out of all his troubles. This duty hath Gods promife. Pfal. 5o. i 5. Call upon me in the day oftrouble, Iwill deliver thee, and thoufhalt glorifieme. The fourth Fourthly, Davidmadeconfcience offinne, and walked in Reafon. in obedience. Pfal. i 8. 21, 24. For Ihavekept the ways of theLord , and have not Wickedly departedfrom my God. Therefore hatb the Lord recompenfed mee according to my righteoufnefe. The fifth Now for his enemies , God would not be with them, Reafon. for thefecaufes. Firft, they were not called of God , nor fent by him againit David : Pfal. i C. 2. pride, malice, and covetoufnefle stir up the wicked. The fixt Rea- Secondly, they werewicked men, workers ofiniquity:as Pon. Ve f. I. withwhomGod will not joyn for helpand affift- ance. lob. 8.28. God will not call away aperfect man, neither will hehelp the evill doers. Pfal. 94.2o. Shall the throne of iniquity have fellòwfhip with thee, which fra- methmifchief by a Law ? Pfal. 5. 4, 5', 6. Thouart not a God that haft pleafure in wickednef1 : neither fhallevill dwell with thee, &c. Pfal. 56. 7. Shall they efcapeby ini- guitie ? Third

Verf.z. 1In Expofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. 17 Thirdly,Davids enemies did neither regardGods word, The feventh nor Gods works, and focould not profprr. For negle1 of Reafon. Gods word, fee Pfal. I I 9. 126. It is timefor thee,Lord,to work: for they have made void thy law. Pfal. 5o. t 6, t 7. Vnto the wicked, God faith, what haft thou todo to declare myftatutes ? &c. Peeing thou hateft inftruElion, andcaftrf my words behinde thee ? And for his works, Pfal. 28. 5. Becaufe they regardnot the workes of the Lord, nor the ope- ration of his hands , he fhall defroy them , and not build themup. Fourthly,' Davids enemies wafted in their own might, The eight andoutwardmeans, Pfal. 3. 2. Manyfay ofmyfoul, there Reafon. is no helpfor him in God. z Sam.17.12. Therefore I coun- fell, &c. We will light upon him, as the dew falleth on the ground : and ofhim, and ofall themen that arewithhim, there (hall not be left fo muchas one. Pfal. 21. 7, 8. Some truft in chariots, andforce in horfes , but wee will remember the name of the Lord our God. They are brought down, and fain, but We are rifen, andRandupright. ObjeEt. Yet fometimes this is otherwife, as the Pfalmift complaineth, Pfal. 89. 38, 39,43. But thou haft caft off, and abhorred : thou hall beenwrath with thineannointed: Thouhaft made void the covenant ofthy fervant:thou haft prophaned his crown , by calling it to the ground. Thou halt alfo turned theedge ofhis (word : and haft not made him to hand in the battle. The like complaint,fee Pfal.44. 9, lc, &c. But thou haft calf off and put us to fhame, and goeft not forth withour armies. Thou makeft us to turn back from the enemy and they which hate us fpoyl for themfelves. Anfw. Here we must confider the natureof Góds pro- ;Ides : for though fuch as concern redemption, and falva- tion in Chrift, be molt fhre and certain , yea and Amen. Cor. i . ; o. Yet the promifes of temporal! bleffings are conditional!, and muff beunderftood , with the exception of the crof e , that is, fo as God , either for triall ofgrace, Qr corredion for finne, may deal otherwife : as wee may D z fee

i8 Expofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. Vert. 2. fee in goodKing Vofiab, who for the firmes of the land, that haftened Godsjudgements , fell by the handof Pha- raoh Wjchoh. This ferves for in,ftrution, admonition, and comfort. The firfi üie For inftru lion : feewhat a great bleffingand priviledge forinftru ti- it is, to ftand rightly in covenant with God ; whereby hee "u' becometh light or falvation to a man , or to a people , and the ftrengthoftheir life : for fo !hall they finde extraordi- naryprefervation in timeofdanger,and ftrange deliverance beyond humane expectation : as here Davidconfefleth,and the people of Ifrael found manya time: as when they were purfued by Pharaoh , at the red fea, Exod. 14. IC, i 3. fo allo, when yaJhuahwonne Jericho, 9ofh. 6. 2I Ai, 7ojh. 8. 28. and flew the five Kings of theAmorites,who fought a- gainft Gibeon, yofh. 1 o.15, &c. in which fight , the Sunne stood still in the midft of heaven , and haftednot to go down about a whole day, nerf. 13. Andafterward, when diversother Kings, with all their power, came to fight a- gainft yo,7uah, with muchpeople , as the fand upon the fea fhore for multitude, withhorfes and chariots very many, fhuah difcomfited them all, yofh. i i . I, 2, 5, 6. And the Anakims, against whom former:y nonecould J }and, Deut. 9. 2. Yet yofhuahdraye them out, and deftroyed them ut- terly and their cities.7ojh. 1r. z I , 22. The like we may fee in the ft range viaories, in the bookof theJudges, by De= Borah and Barak againft Sifera. 7udg. 4. i5, &c. ByGi- deon against the Mid ianites, 7udg. ß.ï2, &c. By 7ephtah againft the Ammonites, 7udg.. I ; . 32, 3 3. By Sampfon a- gainft the Phili,ítims , yudg. 15, and 16. chapters : and fo by 7onathanand his Armour- bearer , againft a garrifonof thePhiliftims, I Sam. 14.15. By Davids many victories over them before mentioned : by Afa againft theEthiopi- ans, 2 Chron, 14.9, &c. 7ehofhaphat againft Moab, Am- mon, and Mount Seir, 2 Chron. zo. 1 2, &c. and Hezekfah againft Sennaçherib, 1f. 37. 36. The second Alfohere fee the miferyofthofe , that be out of cove- tiie farin- nant with God : for theLords power isever againft them firuttion. (unleffa

Verf.3. AnExpofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. 19 (unlelle whenhe will ufe them , as a rod and fcourge topu- nifh the rebellious : as If. ie. 5, 6.) and therefore wo unto them : as Hof. 9.12. withDext. 32. 3 0. For admonition,to give all diligence to be truly in cove- nant with God , that fo it may be with us, as it was with David. For which end, in theprofeffion of the true faith, we must imitate the godly practice ofDavid, having a cal- ling for that we do, truly in God, pray untohim, and walk in obedience. Alf() , as we delre to fcape the Lords hand in our over- throw, let us beware of theRate and properties ofDavids enemies. For comfort to the godly, fighting the Lords battles, and yet overmatched. If they be in covenant with God, and followDavid, in thewarrant of a goodcalling , in af- fiance, prayer, andholy obedience ; theymay fay, where is the Godof David, of ?ofhuah, of 7ehofhaphat, 6c. as Eli- fhaPaid, where is the Lord GodofElijah ? 2 Kìa9 s for he is without fhadow ofchange, lam. 1. T7. Verf. 3. Though an hofiefhould encamp againme,my heart (hall notfear : though warrefhould rife againfi me, in this will Ibe confident. The Ure for admonition. The U'e for comfort. TAEre the Prophet returnes, tomake mention ofhis con- The meaning 1 f rage and confidence againft his enemies, more fullyex- of the words, prefng the fame , then he had formerly done ; by making fuppofall, that with all their force , and in their greaten fu- ry, they fhould let upon him ; laying, though an hofefhould encampe againft me, there is the fuppofall of their force , andyet he Wouldnetfear : and though warre fhould rife a- gainf me, there is the fuppofall oftheir rage and fury; yet in this will I be confident. But what meaneshe by, in this ? The molt take it demonftratively, with reference to that he had faid, the Lord is my light : yet it may be taken for a relative , and referred to the warre made againft him, wherein hewould be confident , uponhis having God for his light, &c. D 3 Here

20 AnExpofation ofthe 27. Pfagne. Verl 3. The hr(t ob- Here then wehave two things to note ; the one implied, fetvation. or taken for granted ; The other expreffed. The thing im- plied is this, that to be in fear, and tobe confident,are here oppofed as contrary affebions of the heart. Davidhere profeffeth his heart was free from fear , and that h2ewas confident. And to clear the propofition, it contain.,;th two -things. First, that fear and confidence arecontrary affei- ens : this is acknowledged by the very heathen, as a princi- ple in naturali philofophy, which none can deny, that know Whatfear is. the nature of thefeaffehions, or feel the forceof them.For fear is the faintingor falling downof the heart , upon the apprehenfionofevil!, either prefent or imminent : as Luk. What con4- 21. 26. Mens hearts failing themfor fear. But confidence Bence is. is the trufi, or perfwafionof theheart, to efcape evil!, and to enjoygood : as Pfal. 37. 3.5. Secondly, that thefe affe&i- ons are feated in theheart, is likewifeacknowledged by na- turall men, and plain alfo in Scripture : for fear, fee Luk. 21. 26. as before : and for confidence , pfal. 28.7. The Lord is my firength, andmyfhield, my heart trued in him. The Reafon. The reafonhereof, is thewill of GodAlmighty , the maker of mans heart : as Pfd. 33. .15. Hefafhioneth their hearts alike ,andhe made this contrary to that. Ecclef. 7.14. The ufe for The application is twofold. Firft, for inftruétion : fee infiru&ion. here that one of thefe twomuft needs poífeffe every oneof our hearts: for thefe affections are naturali , and who will exempt himfeif from that , which is mans natural! eftate ? Elias was a man fubjea to natural! paflions, Yames 5. i 7. and faid of himfeif, I am no better thenmy fathers, i Kings 19.4. Whether .4- weft. Was efldam endued with fear by creation? dam by creati- ,4nfw. Adams fear by creation was filiali, of God : but onwere en- fervile fear was not inhim, till he finned againft God : Of deedwith this we may fay,as offlume. Cen. 2.25.7hey were bath na- fear ked,the manWad the woman, and were not afhamed: with Gen. 3.9, i o. The Lord God called untoAdam , andfai3 sotto him. where art thou ? AndhePaid , I heard thy voice in tí eegarden, andIwas afraid, becaufe IWas naked , and Ihid myfelf. For

Verf.3. As Expofition of the 27. Pfalme. 21 For admonition, that every one of usdo confider, the The Ire for caufes ofthefe a c`fions , and as wedelre to be freed from admonition. fear, andenduedwith confidence,fo to give all diligence, to befreed from the caufe offear, and tobe poffeífed with the caufes of true affiance and confidence. Now fear arifeth from the apprehcnfion, and conceit ofthat , which is evill and hurtfull to us : which , whatfoever it is , comes from finne : that is indeed ä .vzu, áá zw, : fee Prov. z. 33. 14t011 Gen. 3. 1o. The caufe ofConfidence and affiance is, lure title to that which is good : which none havebut the righteous. As Pr 37. 17. The Lordupholdeth the righteous. Verf. 39. The falvation of the righteous is of the Lord. Hence Solomon faith, The righteous is boldas a lion, Prov. 28. T. Now the way to be freed from finne is, by true repentance : as Ads 3. 19. Repentye therefore , andbe converted , thatyour fins may beblotted out. And the way to become truly righte- ous is, to beleeve in God through Chri,l} : who is the endof the law forrighteou'neffe, Rom. r o. 4. which is never feve- red from righteoufneile renewed in fanetification:as i Cor. r .3c. After thefe two graces, muff we give all diligence, in the ufe ofmeans, theword and prayer : in andbywhich theHoly Ghoft worketh thefe, and all other needful! gra- ces , in the heartsof Gods elec`l:: And for motives , confi- der the prefent evill times, in the common troubles of the Church abroad: which ifthey befall as, without repentance and faith , we (hall (brink under them. Adde hereto the meditationofthe terrour of death, to them that want re- pentance and faith. But molt ofall thehorrour and terrour of the day ofjudgement. The thing exprefled is this', That Davids heart was con- The fecond fident, and free from flavifh fear ofhurt,from the f}ronge t Obfervat ion. oppofition, and malice ofall hisenemies. Seepfal. 3.6. I will not beafraidoftenne thoufands of people,, that have fet themfelves againff me roundabout. The reafon hereof was, his being truly in covenant with The Reaforc.. God : whereby he had title toGods power, and provi- dence ;

if 10 22 A; Expofition ofthe 2,7. P*adore. Verf. 3. vidence ; for his prefervation. See P/al. 91.9, 1 o, I T. Be- caufe thou haft made the Lord , Which is my refuge ; even the molt high, thy habitation. There 'hall no evill befall thee, nei- ther fhall anyplague come nigh thy d4 elling. For he 'ball give his Angels charge over thee , &c. So Pfal. 3. 3. andPfd. 118.6. Obj. Davidwanted this confidence before Achifh, t Same2l. I2, I?. Anfw. Hee had then the habit of faith in God in his heart, but failed fomewhat in that particular ad ; as Peter did more, whenhe denied his mailer, Lull; 22.6o. with 3 2. Which wemuff obferve, to reftrain rath judgement,againft our felves or others, for particular fats : For , aswee have fandification in part , and not perfectly, fowe may fail in many particular ads. Which yet muit not encourage any, to go on in a court e offinne , feeing raigning finne, and fa- ving grace, cannot ftand together. See Rom. 6. to 15. This ferves for inílrudion, and for admonition. The ufe for For in trudion : fee the great fruit ofgodlineffe , ingi inftru Lion. ving courage and boldneffe inhis great& diftreífe : as is faid in general!, I Tim. 4. 8. Godlinefre is profitable unto all things. Pfal. 5 8. 11. Verily , there is a rewardfor the righ- teous. The life for For admonition , to labour to be fuch as Davidwas , if admonition. we delire tohave the like courage.Now DavidRood right- ly in covenant withGod, and kept covenant,teftify Ihahe fame by new obedience. See, Pfal. 18. 21, 3 kept the wayes of the Lord , and have not wickedly departed frommy God, &c. And fay not , this fampler is toohigh : fee yam.5.I o. Takemy brethren the Prophets, who haveffo- ken in the nameofthe Lord , for an enfample of fuf fering af- flic`lion,and ofpatient QAdSt.Pa felf faith,learn ofme. aul Phi/.2.5. Let this minde be inyou , which was all?) in Chri(i- 7efus. Ephef. 5. T. Be yefollowers ofGod,as-dear children. Verf. 4