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132 AnExpofationofthe 27. Pfalme. Verr. 13. 37.3. Truf$ in the Lordanddo`trood,fo Jhalt thou át'ell in the land, andverily thou fhalt be fed : Secondly, more particu- larand perfonall unto Davidhirnfelfalone, for the honour of the Kingdome over Ifael, affared by fpeciall promife, Pfal. 89. 20, 2,1, 22. and ratified by holy annoynting, i Sam. 16.1 3. and for thebuilding and blefngofhis houfe, I Sam 7. I I. 27. This ferves for initruc4ìon, and for admonition. For in,itru&ion, feehere plainevidence of the great ufe and benefit of faith, it ferves toentitle us, not only unto fpirituall and heavenly bleffings in (Thrift, bit even to the good things of this world, in temporall bleffings ; as here David layeshold on God; goodneffe promifed in this world. So did 21jahby faithbuild the ark, for the laving ofhis houfhold in the flood, Heb. II. 7. So did Paul re- ceive fafety to himfelf, and thofe that failed with him, in his dangerous voyage, AEEts 27.24, 25. Thus Afa andhis people received victory in time of battell, 2 Chron. 18. 8. and yehofaphats prefervation from affault, 2 Chroa. 20.20. AndW;at l .porefay (faith the Apolille) for the time Wouldfaile me to tell ofGideon, ofBarack, of Sampfn, of 'ephta, ofSamuel, `David, and the prophets : who through faith fubdued Kingdomes, &c. Heb. I I. 32, s 3, 34. So as we may well fay offaith, what the Apoftledoth ofgodli- neffe, i Tim. 4. 8. that it is profitable for allthings, and hath thepromifeof all kind ofbleffìngs : for true faith is theprime graceofgodlineffe, to the fure entitling of us to thebelt bleffings ; as Gal. 5.6. Here indeed every Chriftianmolt wifely and rightlycon- fider thedifferent nature of blelfingspromifed, and accor- ding to the Lords meaning, intitle themfelves thereunto. For force promifes concernbleffi;ngs, limply neceffary to truehappineffe, as bejuftification and fanc4ification : other promifes are made ofblelfings, both fpirituall and tempo- rall, which are verygood andcomfortable- but not limply neceffary to falvation, as be peace ofconfcience, and joy in theholy ghoft, and all degrees of fpirituall graces, above that The ute for inflruaion.