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4 A, E.pOirlitinraof the 2 . Pf,4l . The firf} Ure This ferves for inftruciion, admonition, andc mfort. for infiru tt- For inftru±ion twowaves : Firft , touching Gods all- fatTiciency in himfelf, for all hischildren , for whatfoever they wane, or freed, elfe Davidwould never have Paid with affurance , that God became fo manygreat blefiings unto him , as here he doth , and in many other places as Pfal. 18. 2, and Pfal. z 44. t, 2. c.itiZyflretr th, my geadrlaf"e, my fortreffe, myhigh tower , and my deliverer, my field , &e. This point the Lord taught Abraham plainl},Gen. 17. I. I amGod Allfufficient, or eAlmighty. The second Secondly , this (hews plainly thehappy estate ofthofe, life for in- that Rand rightly in covenant with God , as David faith; Oration. Idleffed is the nation , whole God is the Lord , Pfal. .33. 12 For God being inhimfelf all-fufficient , becomes all inall to thofe, that be his people by covenant. Pfal. 103.17,1 8. The mercyoftheLord isfrom even-Lifting to everlafting,upon them thatfear him, andhis righteoufrcef feunto childrens chil- dren, tofuck as keephis covenant. Hzs eyes runne to andfro, throughout the Whole earth, to fheW himfelf (lrong in the be-. halfofthem , whofe heart is perfec`l towards him. 2 Chron. 16. 9. HeWill make all his roodneffe pap before them. Ex- od. 33. r 9. He Will bleffe them , in their basket , in their dough, within thehoufe, and in thefield, Deut. 28. I , 2, &c. to 15. Hereupon David faith, he fhall not lack, Pfal.2 ;.t and the Church faith, thewill not fear, having God for her refuge and strength. Pfal. 46. I, 2, 5. with 7f.3 3.z1. The firí'c Ufe For admonition, this ferves three wayes. Firft , feeing for admoni- this was Davids great happineffe in his troubles , that he tion. could fay, The Lordis my light and mysalvation, &c. That we should fearch and try,whether God be that tous,which hewas to David. And this maybeknown, ofeverychilde Howwe may of God at this day. For first, if God be the light ofgrace know that and comfort to thy foul in Chrift jails, hewill be the light God is our light. ofjoy and gladneffe, in his providence to thy heats : and ifhe be fpirituall falvation in Chfift Je-fus, he willnot de- ny thee temporall prefervation : and if h'ebe theStrength ofthy foul in grace, he wilibecome thç.ftrength ofthylife in on.