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'JOExpofitionofthe 84. Pfalme and in truth, Pinging andmaking melody in your heart to the Lord, Eph. 5. i 9 For the fans ofKorah.] Thefe Eons ofKorah were the pofterityof that rebellious Levite, who with 'Mahan and Abiram rebelled againft Mofes and Aaron, 2jum?. r 6. which korahwasconfumed with fire, ver. 35. with 17. Howbeit there were ofhis fonnes that dyed not, Numb. 26. i r. departing, as it feemeth, from their fa- thers tent. as all were commanded, Numb. i6. 24. 26. and ofthefe is numbred a fàmily oftheKorathites,Num. 26.5 '8. of whom came Samuel the Prophet,and He-man his Nephew, i Chron. 6, 33. a great finger, chap. 25. In thisDedication note two things, firft, King Da- t. Obferva- vids employment in troublefome times,he compofedand penned Pfalmesof fpeciall purpofe for the publick wor- taon fhip and fervice ofGod, i Chron. 16. 7. The dedicati- on of fundry Pfalmes to the chief Mufician fhewes the fame. The reafon hereof was his holy zeale for gods glory, The reafon Pi 69.9. and fervent delire thus to tellifiehis thanke- flilneífe to God, that had highly advanced him,Pfa1.28. 71, 72. Thereforehe argues the matter with his owne heart, that he may do it effeclually, Pfal. i i 6. r 2. Here fee that neither dignity nor dUcreflè fhould ex- Vfe r. empt men from thezealous purfuit of Gods holy wor- fhip. Ifeither one or bothwould have afforded a good excufe, Davidneedednot to have taken filch pains about Gods fervice, as to pen fpeciall Pfalmes for the folemne and publickufe thereof. A good prefident forevery man in his place, efpecial- Vfe 2. ly for Magiftratesand fuperiours, to further Gods wor- ihip to the uttermoft of their power. Too many areof Michals mind , that it is too bate a thing for`David to be feenamong theLevites,dancing before theArk, efpe- cially clothed with a linnen Ephod, 2 Sam, 6.20. But them that honostr me, faithGod, Iwill bonossro and they Aa z that 3