Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Verf.2: dinExpofitlon ofthe 84.1°falmeé 2,3 of behid, but bewrayeth itfelf, Prov. 27. 16. So grace in theheart will difcover it felfe in the words of the mouth, and theaftions of the life: Out ofthe abundance ofthe heart the mouthfpeaketh, Mat. 12. 4. and if the heart be indi- ting a good matter, the tongue will be as the penne of a ready writer, Pfal. 45. t. Í believed, faith the Pfalmi-, thereforehave I fJ oken, Pfal. i 16. r o. wealfo believe, faith the Apoftle, and therefore fteake, 2 Cor. 4. 13. By wayof ufe it ferves for reproof and admonition. Firft, for reproofe ofthem, that pretend theybelieve the Pie r,. trueGod tobe the livingGod,yet neither with theirhearts nor with their flefh cry out for him, who ifthey have any delires at all tobe made happy in fruitionofhim and com- munionwith him, yet even thofedelires are fo remilfe and cold,fo faint and feeble, that others can perceive no evi- dence, and may well make a queftion, whether they them- felves be fenfible ofthem. Perhaps theymay fay,as thePfal- mift tellsus many doe, who will (hew us any good ? Pfd. 4.6. but with him to cryout for the living God, is a thing they think not of; fuch fpirituall fluggards theworld hath too many, whofe foules delire arid havenothing, Prov. i 3. 4. nay whole delireskill them, becaufe their hands refufeto labour, Prov. 21. 25. For admonition unto all, that as ever they delire to af- Vfe iò lure themfelves, or to teftifie to others, that they have the fame diem of the true God and ofhis facred fervice, that Davidhad, tobelieve him indeed tobe the livingGod, and account his Tabernacles amiable, that they labour withhim to flirre ill both their hearts and their flefh tocryout for him, that they earneftly delire the fruition ofhim,and com- munion withhim, that they diligently endeavour by all goodmeanes to expreífe andgive evidence ofthat defire. To move them the ratherhereunto let them confider, that God is fodelightedwith his fervants importunities, and lovesthe loudneflè of theirvoice fo well, that of purpofe fometimeshe takesupon him as it were to be afleepor hard ofhearing, and will not be feen to takenoticeof their de- D d fires,