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Verf. 4. AnExfoJ ion o, f4.04. ¡f4(me. 35 12. 42,43,44. with I Pet. 5. I; ï. Obferva- Thus much for theirhappy eí :.their holy behaviour is anfwerable, theywill beßlllpiaif zzg thee., I q4s d t1dren taon. and fervants, whohave tom; loppincife to itwoiii4;0043 houf e, will bemuch anti coi t in prnbfmgGod, fe,Pfal. 13 5 . I,2. Praif the Lord, yetfervants ofthe Lord, verle 19. Bleffe the Lord, O houfe of Ifrael, blere the Lord, 0 houfe ofAaron, 20. ,Blefre the Lord, ohoufe ofLevi, ye that feare the Lord, bleffe the Lord, 'Val. 14.5. I, 2,. Iwill extoll thee,my.Godandmy King : I will bleffe thynamefor ever and ever.Every dayWill:I bleff'e thee, Pf. r 26.1.halle- lujah : Praife the Lord, omyfo:tle, ,2. While I live I Will praife the Lord. The reafons hereof are two Fiat', theSacred Ordi- Reafon 1. nance ofGod and his holy Çommandetnent, `Pfa.'so. 15. 1 ThefJ: 5. 18. This :mikes it pleafant and comely, Pf 147.1. Secondly, the power of hisgrace given. to his children Rea on 2. and fervants, which making them mindfull of the Lord, of word, andofhis works and benefits, Jirres themup topraife God : Truegrace is enforcing, as 2 Cor. 5.14. And hence it is withGods fervants in thematterofpraifing God , as it was with the Apotles for preaching, Acts 4. 20. and as Luke 19. 4o. If thefe fhould 'holdtheir peace thetones would immediately cry out. Thisby wayofufe ferves, Firft, to let us fee that praifing God isnot a thing in- Vfe I. different, but a necefl'ary duty. Hence the want of it brings the wrath of God, as on Hezek,jaii, z Chron. 32. 25. Secondly, we may fee by this that they have flender te- Vfe 2. ítimony that theybe of Gods houfewho faile ofthis duty. A ufuall thing for many to have no prayers nor praifing God in their families; as .alfo to goout of Church when inging Pfalmes begin : as though praife were no part of that fervice,therperformancewhereofappertains unto them Who dwell inSodshoufe, and wouldbe blelied"there. E e_ 3 ; Thixd-.