Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Expofitionofthe 27. Pfainaa. Verf.5. about her, tell the toWres thereof For th;c Godis our Goa for ever and ever : he Will be ourguide even unto death. See 1fa 3 i.. 2a; 21, 22. Lookugora Sion theCity ofour folenar:i- ties tii:.)setyes fballfee ?erufalem a quiet ha citation, a Ta.. bernacle that /hall not be taken down , not one oftheflakes thereof'ball ever be removed ; neither (hall a°ay ofthe cords thereofbe broken. But there theglorious Lord willbe unto see a place ofbroadrivers and flrearnes For i / e Lord is our Fudge, the Lord is our Law-giver, the Lord is our King, he willfaveus. Ifa. 37. 35. Iwill defend this City to fave it, for mine ownfake, andfor myfervant Davidsfake : that is, for mypromile fake to `David in Chrift : as Pfal.i32.1 , 13,14, 17. The Lordhath fWorn in truthunto David , he will not turn from it : o fthefruit of thy body Will Ifet up- on thy throne, &c. There will I make the horn of David to budNowDavid he continued a true member of Gods houfe, being carefull tokeep in covenant with God , as he both profefl'ed in word, and tefrified by godly behaviour, upon which hegrounds his aflurance of Gods efpeciall pro- tedion. His profeßionofbeing in covenant, fee Pfal. i i 6. 16. O Lord truly Iam thyfervant , Iam thyfervant. Pfal. 23. I. 4. The Lord is my /bepheard , I/ball not Want Though IWalk through the valleyof thefbadow ofdeath , I will fear none evill. His godly behaviour whereon hee grounds his affurance of Gods fpeciall protection , is three- fold. Firft, he puts his truft and hope in God : as Pfal. 21.7. For the King trufleth in the Lord : and thorow the mercy of themoll high, he 'hall not be moved. Pfal. i t . i . In thee10 Lord, put Imy truft : howfayye to myfoul fly as a Ptrd to your mountain? Plal.II6. T. Prefèrve me, O God , for in thee do Iput my truft. Pfal. 86. 2. 0 thou my God,fave thy fervant, that tru(leth in thee. Secondly, he te,ftiñed his trait in God by prayer. Pfal. 7. i . OLordmy God , in thee do I put my truft : faveme fromall them, thatperfecute me, and deliver me. Pfal. 116. 3, 4. Theforrows of death compafed me , and the mines of hell