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6 AnExpofitionofthe27. Pfatme. Verf. 5 worketh in you both to will , and to do , ofhisgood plea- lure. Phil. 2. z 3. But what hathman then to do , fith our converfion and regeneration is Gods work ? ufe of out- Anf*. It is indeed Gods work , ,et in the ward means, whichhe gives to reafonable creatures , that therein they may wait for , and receive Gods work of grace, in an holy calling : which , both amongft Jewes and Gentiles, doth difringuifh the elegy from the reprobate : as AEts 2.;9. Now this calling is in the Gofpel preached, fan- e`tified by prayer, 2 Theft 3.14. and therein aremenmade Gods houfe: Heb.;.f. 1 Pet.2.5. i Cor.3.16. But may everyman in theufe of the Gofpel preached,at- tain to thiscalling ? Anfw.For ought that either Minifter or people do know tothe contrary , every one may be called that lives under theGofpel ; the fault is their own ifthey be not : as Chrift faith , Light is come into the world , and men ove darkneie rather then light, becau/e their deeds are evill. ohn 3.19. For men undoubtedly do firft rebell againft theword, and refufe Gods mercy offered in the meanes of grace, before that God with- draw his grace, or take away from them the ufe of the means. In regard whereof, Chrift complains ofthe Jews, that, when he 21a would though the belt thern,they not. c rtb. 23. 37. For, :, ment and improvement of nature, be infufficient to get the true habit of grace , without the work of the fpirit ; as Rom. 9. 16. yet faire it is, men are firft wanting to them- felves, in theufe ofmeans , before theblefling of the fpirit be denied unto them. Their own heartscan tell them, they have failed in turning-from finne , as Prov. 1. 23. in hun- gririg after grace, Ifaiah 44.3. and in doing the good they know, Acts 5. 32. The life for For admonition :as we delre fafety and filcher in time of alimonition. trouble, fo we mint with Davidgive and endeavourafter, a fore place in Ç ods h fe,becoinè truemembers of Gods Church. The