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Ver{.6, AnEaspofátion ofthe 27. Pfalme. David; dangerous eftate,He had enemiesroundabout him. Pfd. 3. I, 2. Lord , how are they encreafed that trouble the ? many are they that rife upagainft me. Many there be, which fay ofmy foul, there is nohelp for him in God.'fal. 69.4. They that hate me without a caufe , are moe then thehaires ofmine head : they, that would deflroy me, be- ing mine enemies wrongfully are mighty. Pfal. 118. 10, I I, 12. All nations compaffed meabout they compaffed me about -- like Bees and Pfal. 56.2. Mine enemies would daily fwallowme up : for they be many that fight againil me. The reafon hereof isfourfold. Firft, in God difpofingof David to be a type ofChrift , even in his troubles and op- pofition in the world, wherewith Godwas pleafed to have them exercifed : as is plain , Pfal. 2. I, &c. and Pfal. 22. 12, 16. Many Buls have compaffed me dogs have com- paffed me : the affembly of thewicked have enclofed me : and TJa1. 71. 20. Thou haft (hewed me great and fore troubles. Secondly, in Gods favour advancing him to dignity and honour, Pfal. 4.2. Pfal. 62.4. which was fully verified in `Daniel, Dan. 6. 3, 4. Thirdly, in Davidfometime provoking the Lord by his (inne : as, 2 Sam. 12.9)10,1 I. wherefore haft thou defpi- fed the commandement oftheLord therefore the (word (hall never depart from thinehoufe I will raife upevill againfl: thee out of thine houfe. See Pfal. 3. 1,2. with 2 Sam.15. 13, &c. Fourthly, in Davids enemies , that were the feed of the ferpent, and hated him forhis goodneffe. Pfal. 37. 19, 20. They that hate me wrongfully are multiplied. Theyalto, that render evill for good, aremine adverfaries, becaufe I follow the thing that good is. This ferves for inflruc`(ion, admonition, andcomfort. For infiru&ion : fee in David thedate of the godly ; they are liable to be compaffed about with enemies for that which befell David, as the type, and Chrift j efus him - H a felf 49 The 6rft Rea: fon. For Chr. fee I(. S3. to.. The fecund Reafon. The third Reafon. The fourth Reafon. Theufe for inftru Uon.