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\Terf.7. !inExpofitionofthe27. Pfalme. For admonition , two wayes. Firft, to bewareof raíh judgement, either againit our felves, or others , under this dealing of God , denying audience toour prayers. That it is a great trouble to Gods children , fee, Pfal. 8c. 4. Pfal. 22. I, 2. Ifa. 49. t 4. That it opens the mouth of thewic- ked, fee Pfal. 7I I , r I. Alatth. 27. 42, 43. Secondly, in thiscafe, toconfider thecaufes of this courfe ofGods dealing, and take them in their order : begin with tînne, to finde it out , return into thine own heart , and turn unto the Lord : as 2 Chron. 6. 37. behumble , and earner in prayer to God, and then, though God, for his glory, may deny thee audience , in particular things, yet will he be lure to give thee fomethingas good , that is, the Strength ofpatience to bear the crofle, and in the end a bleffed iflue. The fecond thing to be noted here is, the manner of Davids praying : Hecried withhis voice : whichnotes great fervencie, great zeal , and earneftnefiè. David was fer- vent and zealous in prayer unto God : hecried unto God withhis voice, Pfal. 5. 2. Hearken to the voice of my cry. Pfal. 17. I . Attendunto my cr y . Pfal. 22. I , 2. why art thoufoferrefrom helping me, andfrom the words ofmy roar- ing. I cry in the day time. Pfal. 142. I, 5. I cried unto the Lord withmy voice , with my voice unto the LORD did Imakemy fupplication. I cried unto thee , O Lord. The reafons hereof are great. Ern , prayer is a good thing ; and zealous affeetion in a good thing is alwayes good and commendable. Gal. 4. 18. Secondly,zeal and fervency in prayer is very moving. St. names faith, theefe!7uall fervent prayer of a rightous man availeth much. Jam. 5. 16. And our Saviour ChriI fheweth it by two refemblances : one of the man , that came toborrow breadofhis neighbour by night. Luk I I. 8. though he will not rife and give him, becaufe he is his friend : yet becaufe ofhis importunity, he will rife and give him as many as he needeth. The other of the poor widow, that prevailedwith theunrighteous fudge. Lnk 18. r, 5. I 2 Third- 57 The firft flic for admoni7 tion. The fecond life for ad- monition. The fecond Obfervation. The firft Rea- fon. The fecond Reafon.