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Verf.8. AsExpoitionofthe 27. Pfalmt. of all things given in charge concerning the children of Yf rae1, Exod.2S.2 2. towards which the people were to look, when they fought Gods grace and favour : Mark then, Thegal Cab-; God enjoyned his people theJewes to feek his face, that is, fervaticsh his graceand favour in the fanduary, looking toward the mercy feat, which is fometimecalled the face of God, be- cuteit was a teftimonyofhis pretence among his people, Pfal. Icy. 4. Seekye the Lord, andhisffrength (that is the ark of the covenant, Pfal. z 3 2.8.) feek his face continual- ly (that is, the mercy feat, ableffed teftimony of his graci- ous favour, and prefcnce amongft his people), fo 2 Chron. 7. 14. The reafon, or ground hereof is three-fold : FirR and The frft Rea- principally, by their feeking to the mercy feat the type hee fon. would lead them unto Chrift, that was the truthand fub- fiance : for the materiali tabernacle and temple, was a part of the worldly fanauary, and belonged to the ceremonial) law, which led them unto Chrift, ÿa/. 3.24. For the law had but the fhaddow ofgood things tocome, Heb. lc. i . but the body is Chrift, Col. 2. i 7. And that he was prefi- gured by the mercy feat is plain, Rom. 3. 25. God fet forth `A hP'w Chrift Jefus to be a propitiary, through faith in his blood : giving the fame name to Chrift Jefus, which the 72. give to the legali mercy feat : to whichalto St. john alludeth plain- ixaoF,ede ly, r fohn 2. 2, 3. faying, fits Chriff is the propitiationfor osarfinne.r. Secondly, Godherein had refpect tohis own glory : For The feeord this feekirg of Gods face, by frequenting the fantuary Reif` was not only an obedience to hisordinance,which was very pleating untohim, i Sam. 15. 22. but a fingular teftimony ofaffiance in God through Chrift, which is the honour of the heart : whereupon he accountsthe neglect of this duty byhis people, when they go to falfe Gods, a forfaking of him,a thing whereat the very heavens íhouldbe aftonifhed, Ter. 2. i 2, 13. nay more, heaccounts it their very deniall, that theyhave any fuchGod amongft them, 2 Kings z .6.. Thirdly, Godhereinhad fpeciall regard to his peoples K good