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verf. $: . ì ExpofttoNofthe 27. Pfaime. 65 fay to us, as Chriil did to the 7ewes, ye Worfhip me invaie,P teaching fordotlrines the commandements ofmen, Mark7.7. The true worfhippers nsufi Worfhip the Father in#irit and truth, Iohn 4. 23. and that in and through the mediation of Chrift, Iohn 14.6. Secondly, .whenwe know howGod will be fought in The fecund holy worfhip, thenwemull= becareful!, that webe fuch, as Ufe for ad-, thall find him gracious, and favourable unto us : which e- monition. Rate requires two thingsofus : Firft, true repentance in regardoffinnes paft ; for, ifwego on in a courfe of any known finne, we cannot have fociety withGod ; feePfd. 66.18. IfIregard wickedneffe inmy heart, JodWill not hear my Prayer. Iohn 9.3 1. Weknow that God heareth not finners. The throne of l'' k.edaeffe loath no fellowfhip with Cod, Pfal. 94.20. 2 Cor. 6. 14, 16. i sohn 1. 6. therefore Goddenyeth favour to fuch, Ezell 20.3, 4, If. i.15. Se- condly, we mull believe inGod through Chrift, according to the word ofthe Gofpell, which is the word ofthe co- venant of grace, which being receivedby faith, brings us truly into fellowfhip withGod, i 'ohn 1. 3, 4. See Heb. 1. 6. Forcomfort, thismakes greatly to Gods people, that The fecond make confcience of their waies in any diftrefl'e : for God life for com- bids them feek his face, wherein hecalls them to him,which fart. is fufficient ground ofcomfort : as the people Paid to the blind man, whom Chrift called, Mark IC.-49. Beofgood comfort, he calleth thee. For fo David affureth his fon So- lomon, a little before his death, I Chron. 28.9. If thou feekhim, he Would befoundofthee. And the true God isthe chief& good : fo as, happy are the people that be fo, yea bleffed are the people, that have the Lord for their God. Pfal. 144.15. Thefepeoplehave plaid thegoodMerchants, andfound the pearle ofprice, better thenall the world befide, Mat. 13. 45, 46. They may therefore, on farre better grounds then ?acob did, fay, Ihave enough, my fon Iófeph isjet alive, Gen. 45.28. for yofephdyed afterward ; but the trueGod, whom the faithful!have for their God, is g2 the