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74 The fecund Secondly, fee here, that.th° tarechilde of Godmaç, for ítru' tun. Uie for in- a time, want the feeling of =ods ipeciall favour , and re_ main under the Cerìfe of ..àods difpleafire, as left and forÌa_ ken of God. Séeit.plain in David, Pfal. 38.1,2,&c. Pfa1. 77. 7, 8, 9, 1 o, in the complaint of the Church. Pfal. 44. 23, 24. 4rife, cg us not offfor ever, whereforehide( thorn thyface, andforge:::; it our afjli-1ionand opprefon : and La- ment. 3. 1 to 19. Iam theman that bathfeen a f idion , by the rod ofhzc wrath : Hebath led me , and lrougl-t me into darkneffe, &c. and ,verf. 43, 44. Thouhat covered With anger, andperfecuted its : thou haft covered thy Pelfwith as Mood , that our prayers_Mould not pal] e through. And 7obr complaint of this eftate, is as plain asany , 706 13. 24, 26. Naymore, didnot our bleffed Saviour, in the fenfe of his manhood, complainhereof ? oll'arth.27.46. Now if God do fo with the green tree , what íhall be done in the dry ? Luke 23, 3i. yet remember, this diftreífe is but for a time Pfal. 3 o. 5. Iíá. 54. 7, á. The third Thirdly, here fee, that prayer is a bleffed and fanelified u'fe for in- meanes, wherein the childe of God may comfortably wait ftruetion. for the bleflingofGods favour , in the want thereof, and for the removing of his anger under the fgnes thereof. See the promife of r Tod himfelf in this cafe, rnfal. 50. 15. Call upon me in the dayof trouble , I will deliver thee, and thou Ihalt glorifie me. 2 Chron. 7.13, 14. IfI _(hut hea- ven, that there be no rain , &c. If my people dohumble them;elves, andpray, andfeel`myface, I will hear from hea- ven, andwillforgive theirfinnes, andwill heal their land. Therail Uie For admonition, it ferves'two wayes : Firft, that we ex- for adawni- amine our felves-, how oux hearts efteem of the want of t`On' - feeling Gods fpeciáll love,and favour in Chrift. Ifwe judge it as David did, a grievous thing andbitter, we thenhave undoubtedly fome workof thefpirir, at leaít in legali com- punftion, breaking up the fallow groundof theheart , and fopreparing it for the feed of grace: as Atis 2. 37, 38. Bdt=ifweMight it over without trouble or forrow , as the X11 fellowes of the world do, who delight in doing evil, . 9 / v rp.t: pf:,/ be37.P ïz:isr. erl 9.