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eciouo ,TaítÙ. ous myfleries, fach as have the divine wifdom flowing in them.The Hungarians have a tradi- tion,that their goldenCrown dropt down from heaven; to be !ùre the triyfteries in Scripture did fo, they are pure Revelations, corne down from God to be as golden Crowns on the head of Faith.The window of the Ark was (as fome Rabbins fay) a pretious ftone,which gave light to all the creatures ; and indeed the Original, which we tranflate znindow,Gen.6. ió.imports a fplendor or clear light. Underltanding is our window, but the Scripture myfferies make it a window of pearl. Humane learning is but pain- ted glafs,but théfe make windows ofagates, fuch as are in the taught of God,rfa.54.12,13. Thefe are riches of underftandirg, pearls and intelle- trual rubies, fit to be laid up in the very middle and Center of the heart.There the holy precepts and precious promifes, beauties of hòlinefs and glories of grace lye open to the embraces of Faith. There the invifible God,whofe dwelling is in light unapproachable,and whofe pure glory our eyes cannot look on, may be feen in the re- flex,in the Scripture image and condefcenfion.In a word,fo rich are the veins of knowledge there, that faith, as a day-labourer,, is ever digging therein, to draw out a frock of holy underttand- ing from it. Thirdly,Faith refïgns to the word,as the only way in which a man may be taught of God: All men are ambitious of fò grand a privileçlge.The very Gentiles in the puddle of their filthy Ido- latr.ies, iNciiifclvcs taught of God in their