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plcciouo faith as this made Luther in the troubles Of the Church cry out,2hat it Was far otherwife conclu- ded in heaven, then at Norimberg ; and in the blackefl tempef infpirits the believer to do, as the Mariners in the fitts,ca l- anchor, and with for the day, roll himfelf on the wife God, and wait for the dawning of comfort from him. Thirdly,Faith yields up the fini for infiruElion unto the word. And here are three things con - fiderable. Firlt, Faith reigns to the word,as a warrant for both the former relignations.If you ask a be- liever why he prefumes fo far, as to go to Chrill and God for the teachings of the fpirit, his an- fwer will be this ; I find in the word divers pro- mifes,that we /hall be taught of God,that the fpirit fhalllead us into ail truth,that there is an holy an- nointing dropping from Chri¡l, which teacheth all things. And all thefe promifes are very true, the counterpanes of Gods hearr,and exaftly congru- ous to the grace there ; God fpeaks in thern,and without complement he fpeaks as he means, therefore I reíign up my foul unto Chrift and God for inftruCrion ; teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I have believed thy commande- ments,faithDavid,Pfal.I 19.66. where by com- mandements, forne Divines underhand all the word, including in it Promifes as well as Com- mands : however the believer hath a warrant to pray, teach me good judgment and knowledge, Pr I have believed thy prornrf s of in trurion. Secondly, Faith reigns to the word,as a rich mine and treafury of knowledz.e,there w}eTnreti- otts