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1 c toux Sat* in the Chalice by the Emperour given him,and fo made the (cale' of good works preponderate. O vain tale ! nothing weighs with God in the point of jufaification but a compleat righteouf- nefs, and that can no where be found but in Chrifi alone ; he and he only fulfilled all righ teoufnefs,and therefore he is called by the Apo- file .i v6tos, the end of the Lary for righteouf neß to the believer, Rom. 10.4. the Law hath its total fum and perfe& compleature in him. 7hirdly,There mutt be an expiation of fin, or elfe there can be no juftification. The very Gen- tiles themfelves,ftung with the confcience of fin and vengeance,had their expiatory and luftrato- ry Sacrifices. The ancient Jews, being Gods people, had their offerings and facrifices for fin, tó make an Atonement according to the Leviti- cal Law.The latter Jews,though they rejeO the facrifice of the Me ah ; yet,that they might not be wholly without an expiation,offer a cock for fin,becaufe the word [Gebher] in Hebrew figni- .fies a man, and in the Talmud a cock,; hence tly fay,Gebher, that is, the man finneth,and Gebhef, that is,the cock, Jüffereth. If the Prophet Ifaias in the S3. chapter, had ufed the word (Gebher) the Rabbins (faith a Learned man) would have turned the man into a cock; but there it is not Gebher,but Ifh,a mann of frrows : Sut thefe ex- piations not availing , God bath provided an expiation in the death of his fon. Without flied- ding of blood there is no remiffion,faith the Apo file, Heb. p.a a. and becaufe creature-blood could not doit, the blood of God was flied to redeem us fi from 99.