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98 eCíouo i1aítíy. from fn ; Jefus Chrift,who is God- man,offered up bimfelf through the eternal prit, to purge our conf iences from dead works : he paid the utrnoft farthing to Divine juftice, and hath left nothing at all to pay for the believing finner. The Gen- tile facrifìces were no expiations at all,being in- deed facriftces to devils and not to God'; nay, in their own account they did not expiate in all cafes.Hence when the Emperor Confiantine was haunted with the innocent blood he had fhed, the Gentile Flamius could tell him of no expia- tion. But the blood of Chriff is a true and uni- verfal expiation, cleanfeng from fin and all fin, i Joh..i.7. The Levitical facr-ifìces,though of Di- vine Inftitution, were but types and íhadows, making nothing perfeîi. But a crucified Chrift is the fum and fubftance of them, really atoning what thofè did but typically. 'The Rabbinical cock is a firange vanity, in which we may Rand and wonder at the Jewifh blindnefs ; but what their vain Gebher could not do,that our Ifh the man of f rrows, upon whom all our iniquities met, bath done indeed : be was wounded for our iniquitier,bis foul was an offering for fin, his life a ranfom for many bis blood was Abed for the remif- fion of fins, be paid that he never took, he made peace through the blood of his crf ; in him God is fatistied and reconciled. Thef è things being premifed , I fay the foul by Faith doth retign up it felf for par- don and juftification. And, that I may ob- ferve my firff method , this refignation is made Firft,