Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

To the Chriftian Reader. afcends and takes Heaven by vio- lence ; and renting off the dark veil of Time, it looks into Eter- nity, and afpires after that Plifs- making Vifon, which is the true Center of it. Where this Grace is, there the Gofpel is not in word only, but in power : The Truth Rands not meerly without in the letter, but is entertained within, and fprings up in the Heart as a feed of Immortal Happinefs. The Divine Excel- lencies of this noble Grace have drawn out my Thoughts in the enfuing Difcourfe now offered to publick view. The Errata's and Infirmities in it beg the Rea- ders kind Indulgence : And holy Truths therein call for a Pra &ical Improvement. If but any Mite may get into the Treafury, if any thing thereby may ..