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To the Chriian Reader. may redound to the Glory of God, or profit of Men, it is enough ; and a fufficient re- compence for him, who is A Lover of Truth, Ecdn'. Pelyáll. P T'. E- E> > ) -7 .4. 11 11 1 .ei. pAg.7. ÿ. read Philofophers. p.49. 1.17. r. 'elopes. p. 68. 1. t t. Law-dangers. p. 84. 1.9. Chriíi as God is the ultitñate objeft of Faith. p.2 9.1. t. ishabnd. p. lo 1. 1.28. Grace. p.ti6. 1.1. beides thee. p.2.io.1.12. t' rr,rca.p.27o. iv;t?e%saT6-. p.273 die Apoitles. p.s-' 7 l.lall, belicíred. p.344. 1.31. Vine.