Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

zoo neciatio iTatUj. righted ifnell is the bleffed robe which the belie- ver would live, and dye, and rife in, unto the judgment -feat at the lall day.tlpon this he will venture his foul,againff all the demands of per- feet. obedience in the Law. Moreover,inffead of fatisfying Juffice for his debts, he hath juff no- thing of his own to pay, but he leaves himfelf upon the blood and rich merits of Chrift ; his fins are maffie burdens, too weighty for all the Angels in heaven to ffand under,but he unloads all upon the Lamb of God, who bare away the fin of the world: his debts to God amount to a vaft tùm,but he ventures upon the great fitrety, who paid the utmoft farthing, and had a total di-= charge in his refurrc ion,and now is in heaven to fee the (cores croffed in Gods book, and the bonds of guilt cancelled and thrown down into confcience. If the avenging Law purfue him,he flies to Chrift as a City of refuge,and there hides himfelf in the clefts of the rock,, in the bleeding wounds of his Redeemer : here is faiths anchor - hold, here he ventures his foul againfr all the curfès of the Law. Deny himfelf to be a firmer, that he cannot, for his confcience is a thoufand witneffes : oppofe the curfing Law, that he dares not,for it is hacked by an infinite jufrice; but he ventures all upon the merit and fatisfa- ¿fion of Chrifr:though in the night of defertion he may lye in a piteous condition, as the Levites Concubine,forced, and as it were dead with le- gal terrors ; yet fill his hand like hers, will be upon the threfhold, upon Chrift the door offalva- tion,till free -grace dawn and break in upon him: with-