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plecíau# Firff, Jefus Chrift the Mediator. The be- liever, confcious to his own fpiritual poverty, doth as the poor man in the Pfalrn,commit him f lf, or as the Original is, leave himf if on the Lord, Pfal. i o. i 4. In íiead ofa perfet righteouf nefs, he bath raggs of weaknefs and imperfedi7 on, but he leaves lain-if-elf upon the perfe4 righ- teoufnefs of Chrift, as a thing fully anfwering every jot and tittle of the Law. Indeed fome great R.abbies cry out upon imputative righteouf= rteß as a thing. impoflìble, calling it putative, a meer imagination, Luther: fleerrum,the pleating dream of fimple Chriftians ; but in fober fad, nefs the dream is on their own fide. If imputa- tive righteoufnefs be impoffible, how can we 'land before the righteous Law, dooming and curling the leafi defea or non-continuance in all things ? Imputative righteoufnefs is irnpof, fible,and inherent is imperfect, and how can we fund ? if we ftand, the righteoufneß of God muff be upon us,Rom.3.22. Chrift muff be the end of the Lawfor righteoufneß unto us, Rom. i o.4. and how can this be without an imputation? A, gain, if imputed righteoufnefs be impoflìble, what is imputed fin ? If that be fo too, how was Chritf made fin, or an offering for it ? tQ what purpofe was his blood and fulferings á what becomes of redemption, & all the train of bleffings waiting thereon ? what to thole Ma- fiers of Reafon is but a fancy,a füetrum or dream, that to the believer is the Very thing he would be foundin beforeGod,Phil.3.p.Apollodorus offer'd ,Socrates a precious garment to dye in. Imputed H 2 rightev F9