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x o egg iouo ,1oítb., of faith herein is like that -e the If aeliei,whe, the pillar of cloud and fire went before them, then they journied,otherwife they ftaid in their place; when the fpirit and word of Chrift goes before the believer,faith follows after,elfe it .will, not irir a foot out of its place ; it is really in the believers heart,tò be ruled byChrift in all things. Take him in holy ordinances, thefe, faith faith, are the throne of Chrift here below,in thefe he fits at the right hand of power ; here the be- liever waits to fee the power and the glory, as the man with the withered hand,in firetching it forth,waited for a power to reftore it,and as the blind man in his going and wafhing in Siloam, waited for a power to recover his i ìght:fo the be liever in every ordinance waits for the power of Chrift, if he break the rocky heart,& melt it in- to the divine will,the believer cries out the Lord reigneth ; here is the day of indeed. Take him in the works of his calling, and there he is ruled by Chrift; one would think the fervant were only toiling and drudging- his fervile employments, but if he be a believe ,he is f nv- ing the Lord Chritt, Col. 33.24. and l y a divine praerogative above other mens, his Ieeds are wrought in God : fuch was the poftur of pious Mufculus in the town-ditch, as well as in the Pulpit.Faith is fuch an engine as brings down the kingdom of Chrift (though not of this world) into the meaneft trades,the believer ailing there -_ in , as Peter let down his net, at the command of Chrift,and thercin, as in his calling, abiding with God,which is more then the unbeliever Both