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Plecíougi Ran. Amen. Hence faith refigns ío God and Chrift for all fancifying grace. It is alto made to the word as the engine in Gods hand for the working of fanWftcation. The word is a mighty weapon, able through 'Gods power to cart down the heights and ftrong holds of tin ; and an immor- tal feed,able through Gods grace to quicken the heart,and fpring up into the new - creature.Faith therefore retìgns to it, that the heart may be Iandifed through the truth. Thus far of the third thing, refignation for fandification. Fourthly, Faith refigns up the foul to be ruled as to its offing!, I fay, as to its offing!. That I may clearly dittinguifh it from the but now mentioned fanditìcation, which contifts in in- ward principles of grace.And lull to prefs in my old iieps. Fir ¡l, This refignation is made to Jefus Chri(t the Mediator. Faith translates the foul into the kingdom of Chrifi, and loves to live no where elfe ; the world in its eyes is but a houle of bondage, but it loves to live in Chrifts domini- ons.Where holinefs is,there's theKing ofSaints; where meeknefs and patience,there's the throne of the Lamb ; where righteoufnefs, there's his Scepter ; where Gods will prevaileth, there he fits in Power and Majefly ; at the laft day fence will difcover this great King Jefas coming in the clouds,in power and glory. But faith fees him here coming in ftate in every holy command, and riding as it were on the wings of the wind in every motion of the holy fpirit. The pofture of ro9