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r i a pmÍoUo San` Thirdly, phis refignation is made to the word; Ask a believer how he knows himfelf to be where he would be, in the dominions of God and Chrift, his anfwer will be, I know it by the command in the word,and in the command his faith eyes two things, the truth of the command and the foveraignty ; his faith eyes the truth of it, the command is true, as coming from God* himfelf and being the very counterpane of the holinefs in his heart ; This is the will of God even your Jdneli)lcation,faith St. Paul,IThef 4.3. Gods will is in himfelf,but the command is the coun- terpane of it,tby word is true from the beginning, faith the Pfalmill, Pfal. r o9. Y 6o. or as the Ori- ginal is,the head of thy word is truth,the body of the command in Scripture anfwers to the head of it in the holy will of God. Faith looks on the command as iffuing out of the very heart of God,and exadfly agreeing thereunto ; and up- on this account retign to it, as to the good and acceptable will of God. Again, his faith eyes the f veraignty of it ; naturally we would be Gods to our (elves, and fet up our wills as fùpream.,_ and therefore we make war upon God and his Law : But when faith comes, God is God, and the Law a royal Law, and all the commands in Power and Majefly, by them (faith David ) is thy rervant warned, or as it is in. the Hebrew,illuf a- ted, PP. 9.i I. the command to the believer is, as if a light (hone from heavev,and a voice came from the excellent glory, faying, Do this or that. Gods will rides in triumph, and mans falls to the earth,as not able to Rand before the Lord ThQ