Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

1 4ci-ou0 faitb. The voice of a fuperior, if perceived, puts an awe upon the inferior nature,, fo doth the voice of Man upon beafis,fo doth the voice of Angels upon men, and (which is the greátefi awe be- caufe from the higheff nature) fo doth the voice of God upon the believer. After this manner :loth faith yield up the foul to the command, and in it to God and Chrift. Thus far of the fourth thing,refignation for a holy government. Fifthly,Faith reigns up the foul for the graciattc reward of eternal life. And here to keep the old Method. Firlf, 7hia refignation i1 made to left's Chrif the Mediator. Faith cannot be fatisfìed with earth, that's but the Paradife of fènfe ; no, nor with prefènt graces thefe are but the pawns and earner -pennies of eternal life, faith afpires , after heaven. Oh ! let me go over, and fee the good Land,rvhere the Mountains are all Jpices, the Rivers pleafiiires,the Air pure holinefl,theEternal light God himfelf,faith faith,and for a title there- unto, faith yields up the foul to Chrifl, who as a Priefl hath merited heaven for us, and as a King is ableto give it out to us. The Plebeian (faith Epieletus) looks for his gain from things without ; the Philofopher looks for it from him- fèlf; but (which is a ftrain higher) the Belie .: ver looks for his reward from Chrift. Evagri#s the Philofopher gave (as the Rory goes) three hundred pounds to Synefius for the poor, to be repaid him by Chrift in 'another world : the believer Both all at the fame rate, hears, and I reads 113