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PleCÏDU0 SièltCjd, tighteoufnefs are the way everlafting, Pfal. 139. 24. the good ads may país, but their record is e_. in heaven ; the good men muff dye,but the ho- linefs fhall never fee corruption ; the repentant tears which fall to the earth, are bottled with God; the charity which feems loll as bread caft on the waters, will come to hand again. Poly_ crates, . when he call his ring into the fea, little thought to have met it again in his fi[h ; but the believer doing good works, expels to meet them again in another world, rowing to the rit, he looks for a crop in eternal life. Dorcas ' may leave her coats and garments behind her but the charity will follow her into another world ; the commandement is eternal life, faith our Sav four, job. t 2.5o. the very way to it.The believer obeying,may in force fenfe fay as dying Pollio,jam ingredior ira vitam titernam, now Ian! entring into eternal life, into that which will furvive the world and live in glory. Faith re- fìgns to the word, not only as it is the char- ter of eternal life in the promiìe,but as it is the director to it in the command. Thus far of the fecond thing, for what things and purpofes this refignation is made. But to proceed to the third thing. Thirdly, What are the AdjunCis and Proper- ties of this refignation,? Viito which I fhall an- firer in the ' Mowing fl particulars. Firft, This refignation is made in the way of s God. Believers wait upon God for very great things : Since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither 12 hag?