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i I 101ecíauo fan. reads,and prays, and gives alms, and all to be paid in another world. Worldly men wonder at his hot purfuits after grace and holinefs, but he knows what thefe will go for in another world ; that's the reafon`he follows hard after them,but in the purfuit Dill his eyes are upon Chrifi as the great purchafor and pay- mailer. Secondly, This refignation in and through the Media-tor is made to God. It is he that glorifieth, eternal life is Gods gift, our heavenly Fathers Meer pleafure ; faith therefore yields up the foul tohim for it,and herein it climbs up to him . by his free- grace,the pure river of life flows out of the throne of God and of the Lamb, Rev.2 2. r. out of the regnant grace of God and merit of (Thrift as out of a fountain, the believer experts no eternal, life but what iffues out from thence. Thus the Reverend Soknius on his death bed expreffed himfelf, Pendeo torus à Dei mifiricor- diÌ, I wholly depend on Gods mercy. Thirdly, This refignation is made to the Word. There is the promife of eternal life extant, and there the way to eternal life is chalked out, there is the promife of eternal life mapped out, a mercy above all the fphear of nature: Hence the antient believers were as pilgrims here,Heb. 11.13. as if the world were too little for them, they were altogether for the heavenly country, which faith fees at a diflance in the promife: There alto the way to eternal life is chalked out, the world paffes away, but be that doth the will of God abideth for ever,' Job.2.17.Riches and plea- fures are but the way of time, but holinefs and righte-