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/Is I ectotl¢ Dig). mutationem cordium, non .dilaniationem corpo- rum, fuperffitious men kZnory not that God loves changing ofhearts rather then renting of bodies : the true believer licks mortification in and by yefus Chrifi, our old man is crucified with him, Itom.6.6. As long as we are in the old ildam,fin will be lively,but as foon as we are in Chri(l .the wfdom and power ofGod,fin,which is the weak- nefs and folly of man, dies in us. The believer feeks after the fpirit of Chrift,as after that which can lay our lulls a fleep in godly forrow,and nail them to the crofs of Chritt, and let out their vi- tal blood, even the inward love thereof. More- over, a believer would have injtruetion and teaching, but he would have it in Gods way. ThePapifïs fay,that Images areLay-mens books, and whilell the Bible is to the unlearned a feal- ,ed letter, thefe are Letters Patents, open to all men, he that runs may read _God as it were in great Capital letters. Gregory the Great, though he condemned their adoration, yet he allowed their pretence in Churches, tanquam effent me- moracula & rudium litern ; but alas ! can the dumb Idol J eak? or if it could, can a teacher of lies inffru& ? may that be our memorial which bath made many forget God ? Did God ever licence the printing of Júch Lay -mens books ? and if it have not his Imprimatur by an inftitution, how can we exped his benediecion ? fitrely this ás none of Gods way ; faith faith, the image of God is in the word,and the only crucifix in the Gofpel. The En thu(iafls would be taught in an irnt rediate and extraordinary wav,' but the be- liever.