Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

plecíouo faí* 121 guilt of fin and not from the power and love of it,feparating the blood of his Saviour from the rnater,and his merits from the fpirit, which are and ever muff be in conjunaion ; fuch an half and divided Chrift as this is, is not the Chrifi of God,but a Chrift of his own fancy, one that will fave him in his fins, and juftihe him in his un- godlinefs ; he that believes in filch a Chriü,doth at once miferably cheat his own foul, and as much as in him lieth;profanely trample on the blood of Chrift,as if it were fhed on purpofe that finful men might have the reins laid down on their necks to riot in their curled lusts with all impunity.Moreover,as to the word ofGod,the be- liever is for all of it, he is got only for cordials, and pots of Manna,and diftillations of grace in the promifes,but for precepts alfo,his meat and his'drk, is to do the will of his Father in hea- ven,whileft his eyes are on the Land of promife, his feet are in the Land of uprightnefs. Anti - nomians boaft themfelves to be above the Law, and as free as if they were in heaven, and that their fins are but feeming fins,fins to fenfe and to the world outwardly, but no fins to faith and before God who feeth no fin in them.But alafs ! thefe are butfwelling words of vanity, to be above the Law is Antichriff -like to be above God him - felf,whofe Majefty and holinefs break forth in it; and if fins be but feeming tins, the Law is but a feeming Law, and God (whole authority and fanhity thine forth in it) is but a feeming God: Promifès and Precepts run together in the Seri - pture,and mutt be taken together into the heart by