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I22 gatto, by faith. Promife.s are effluxes out of Gods grace, and faith takes them in by recumbency ; Precepts are effluxes out of Gods holinefs, and faith takes them in by obedicntial fubjecrion; both muff continue and be owned by faith, as long as there are grace' and honfs iìß God.The true believer neither with theAntinomian picks out the promifes from the precepts,nor yet with the Hypocrite doth he pick out only fuch com- mands as do not crois his beloved lulls, as the Papifìs have razed out the fecond Commande- ment in force of their Catechifms, beccaufe of their outward images,fo the Hypocrite razes out the difplealìngCommandements in his pray }ice, becaufe of the Idolrluffs in his heart ; but the true believer,asDavid,is for all the wills of God, without any falvoes,becaufe without any indul- ged lulls. Tbirdly,This refignation is made purely upon a Scriptural warrant.There may be hay and flub - ble in the believer,but there is none in his faith; which, fo far as it is faith,fiands only upon holy ground. All faiths affents hand upon Scripture propoiitions, all its affiances upon Scripture - promifes, and all its obedience upon Scripture- precepts : What Balaam faid by an over- ruling providence,that faith the believer by the.inßint of faith, Icannot go beyond the word r f the Lord to do left or moré, Nu,n.2 2 . r $ . he would not as to doi}rinals be wife above what is tvritten nor as to worship be religious above what is writ- .ten,nor as to mercies.and comforts be an expe- ¿tant above what is written. He would not as to doEtrinals