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I3Qc(otL0 fan. dotrinals be wife above what is written : when the Lutherans and Papiffs met at Ratisbon, the Papifts would firft difpute about the Canon of Faith,the Lutherans replyed,that the Scriptures were the only rule, at which the Papifts cried out,that it was very unequal to tye them to one kind of weapon only, but faith is. content with Scriptural doarines only. There is one Mediator in Scripture,and faith dares not multiply them; there is`one Scripture purgatory in Chrifis blood, and faith'will not invent another; there is one propitiatory perifice offered up once for all upon theCro f!, and faith will not feek after any more. All the points in Popery are but fo many addi- tions to the word, and upon that account in! 1g niticant to faith.The firft error in the firft fin was an addition to the word, the woman faying, ye fhall not touch it, Gen.3.3. whereas Gods word only was,ye (hall not eat of it, Gen.2. t ¡. and the firft and primordial error which hath ufhered in all the Romifh do'rines into the Church, hath been the very fame thing; and becaufe they are additions,faith cannot own them, no not faith in a Papifi : opinion may own them, but faith can- not, for it is but the fouls Eccho to the voice of God in Scripture, and where there is no voice, there can be no return; humane dotrines found not at all to faith,Scripture is all.1ilhop Fifher a little before his fuffering' lighting on that one ;tweet paf age,this is life eternal to know thee and Jefus Christ, Joh.17.3. brake out into thefe words,here's learning enough for me:the believers who bath the whole Scripture before him, may well r23