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lecfouo fan. as are Lords of their own anions, coming and going adplacitum, thefe do not believe , nor enter into the promifes of the Gofpel, but the little ones, who cannot drefs ?hemfelves, but as free -grace fwadles and wraps them up in Chrifls ríghteoufne1 , nor feed themfelves, un- lets free-grace pluck out the breaft and milk out inf rué}ion, nor rule themfelves , or go a- lone, but as free -grace takes them by the hand and leads them in holy ways, the(è are they that believe and enter into reff : hence our Sa- viour faith, Except ye become as little children, ye/hall not enter into the kingdom of heaven,lMlat. 18.3. The proud man will not fuffer grace to reign in or over him, but the believer is as a little child ruleable by all the will of God,hum -. bly fubmitting to all the methods of falvation in the Gofpel. To (hut up this difcourfe about the Adjun6ts of faith, I (hall only add a caution or two.' When I fay that all true believers do thus re- fign, I mean not that all have the fame formal notions or exprefiions, but the fame faith and refìgnation for the fahllance of it; the root of the matter is in the weakeft of them, though not the fame verdure of notions or expreffions, the fubílance or holy feed of true relignation may be latent in a bruited reed or frnoaking flax, in a poor fpirit, or the pulle of a delire. I have read of a Noble perfon in Spain, who be- Meich_dt, ing, as was fuppofed, abfolutely dead , was dan;,in v;- diffe ed, and upon the opening of his breaft, tâ vful they found to their great amazement his heart K beating; ;29