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128 1i cctouo ,1atttj. devotion, fuch as falls on men under warming and awakening ordinances , but a deliberate a , 'tis not a conftraint or piece of fervility, filch as men ufually have in lick. and dying hours , when they are rolling off froth this world, and upon thebrink of eternity, with a profped of heaven and hell before them , but it is a true and a free- will,cordially and freely offering up the foul to the terms and methods 'of falvation in the Gofpel. Fifthly, This refigneation is made inHumility; The believer,like his father Abraham, is called to Gods foot, there to lye in the loweft poilure of a finful creature, in an humble dociblenefs he lyes at the foot of Gods wifdom,waiting as they that watch for the morning, till the holy irra= diations make the day dawn, and the day-ffar arife in the heart; in an obediential frame he lyes at the foot of Gods holinefs, crying out like Paul firuck down to the earth, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do ? and in a fiducial re t cumbency he lies at the foot of Gods grace, as a forlorn beggar, full of fores and extremities, waiting if free -grace will take him in, and, like the good Samaritane, bind up his wounds, pouring in the oyl and wine of mercy into his heart. The men among the Ifraelites could not enter into the Land of promife, but the little ones did fo,the myftery is the Chriftians,though the hiflory be theirs : The men among us, fuch as can few hg- leaves together and cloath them- felves, fuch as can feed themfelves at home , and keep houfe upon their own reafon, fuck as