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734 ned0110 fait!). faith as is accompanied with all that which be. longeth to a true faith) is born of God fo the Dutch Annotators on i Joh.5. i. intelligendum et ele fide non qualicunque fed alluofa , faith Grotius on job. 20. 31. The Learned Bithop toventznt Downame fàith, that affent is the very conditi- race. on required in the promife of the Gofpel, but what an one is it ? a true, willing, lively, effe- c`lual of ent fuch an one as by which we re- ceive Chrift, not only in our judgments, but . in our hearts and wills, acknowledging him for our Saviour, and refting on him for falvation : Such an affent as this is no other then preci- ous faith; but a naked affent is much below it. Thirdly, Precious faith doth unite us unto Chrift, and gives us a being in him : A belie- ver from the firit,,inflant of faith is no longer in himfelf or the o1 k Adam,but a man in Chriff ; hence the fame royal robe of righteoufnefs which Chrift bath upon hitnfelf, covers him alto, which renders faith exceeding precious. George Prince of Anhalt was upon this account much delighted with this fimilitude, As the ring is highly prized for the diamond in it , f faith juffifies uf for the pearl of price, the Son of God, whom it apprehends; the believer is found in Chriff, nor having his own righteou1- nef?, which of the Law but that which is through the faith of Chriff, Phil.3.g. Hence alfo the very fame fpirit of holinefs which is upon Chri-íî in heaven above rneafure, falls down up- on the .believer acco:dingto meafure > .a piece of