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g36 19/QCfatio raftb. ties out the duff and rubbifh out of the heart, and makes it a fanduary or holy place for God, and if Satan come and let fly his temp - tations, it beats them off from the foul. Thus Búéer when in his ficknefs he was admonifhed to arm himfèlf againft Satan , anfwered, in Ch'iflo fum, nihil habeo cum diabolo commune, I am in Chriji , and have nothing in common t»ithSai -an but where 'there is only a naked afhent, the holy truths going no further then the Underftanding, the A ill is left in the mire and pollution of its Tufts, and is ready, as foon as the tempter comes, to join with his-feducing proffers. Thus far of the firft propofition, that faith is more then a naked Vent. Secondly, The fècond propofition is, That faith is left then an afurance of love and pardon jom God; only We mutt firft difinguith be- tweet] faith in the root and faith in the flower'; between faith in the loweft Rature, and faith in its full -grown perfedions. That affurancé which the infant faith cannot reach, the full- grown faith may arrive at ; which I fuppofe was the reafòn that thofe prime Reformers Luther and Calvin, and after them Beza and Zanchy, with many others, did define faith by a plerophory or full perfrwafion of Gods love 'they being themfelves in the joys of faith , drew its piéture not according to the infant model, but the perfè t lineaments thereof, as they found them in there {elves, fo they held them out to the world. Again, we muff di- Ringuifh