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138 Plectoutf fat* like Hagar in the wildernefs with her bottle fpent, as if there were no Well of comfort near them; the hungry and thinly, like men in a famine, drooping and fainting away in fits of foul- emptinefs, as if there were no fuck thing as hidden Manna for them. It is very obfervable in the Canticles,that Chrift takes no- tice of the tender grape jufl at its firfl appear- ing the very firft opening or budding forth of faith is welcom to him ; if the wine be but in the clutter, if there be but faith in de- fire, Chrift faith, delfroy it not, the biding of Abraham is in it, out of this little grain of muftard -feed heaven will grow, in this fmoking flax there's a divine fpark, though the fmoak of doubts and temptations muffle it up in ob- fcurity, it will break out at lafi into flames of love arid joy ; in the infant - believers affurance is not to be expelled , becaufe of their primor- dial weaknefs ; and in well -grown believers it may be filfpended , becaufe of Gods infinite foveraignty in the difpeníing thereof as he pleafeth. Cruciger on his death-bed prayed thus, Invoco to Domine languida & imbecilla fide fed fide tarnen, Lord I call upon thee with a weak and languifhing faith, but yet with a faith. Pious Juflus Jonas, who was pre - fent with Luther at its death, and took as it were his Jail breath into his bofome, was in his own ficknefs fainting and cold-hearted, till a fervant of his rubbed him up with force comforts out of the Gofpel, Holy Bayn faith cf himfelf, I thanh,God, f ï2Jtentation in Chrift