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Plectows iattb. 139 I have, and fome little ftrength, fuavities fpiri- tuai I tail not any: even the choice fervants of God may walk, in darkyefß and fee little or no light, their light may be like that in the Pro- phet, Zach. 14. 6. neither clear nor dark,, they may live in crepufculo in a kind of twilight, in a mixture of light and dark- nefs. Secondly, Faith goeth before juftification,batt affurance followed) after it. Faith goeth before juftification. Scripture is exprefs in it , by him all that believe are jultifïed, Aels 13.39. with the heart man believeth unto righteoufnefl, F ont. i o. i o. the righteou f nefi of `God is upon ` all them that believe, Rom. 3.22. we have believed in Jefus Chrijt that we might be jufti ied Galat. 2.16. might ¡unification gobefore faith,it were poflible that a man might be faved in his fins, a child of wrath might be in the arms of divine love, a captive of Satan might be a fon of God, a man out of Chrift might be jultifi- ed in him ; all which are impoflible, but aff'u- rance follows after ¡deification, juftification is neceffarily prefuppofed to affurance ; for to be- lieve my fins forgiven, that they may be for- given is abfurd ; to believe my fins forgiven before they be forgiven, is falfe to believe my fins forgiven becaufe I believe fo,is vain and foolith. Remiflìon muft firft be , before it can be manifefted to be, it muff firft be grant- ed out of the Court of heaven, before there can be any true Copy of it in confcience, un- lefs we allow a diftindion between a faith of refg-