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plectauo ,rattb his righteoufnefs, afï'urance only bears witnefs that the wedding garment is on : Faith waits at the footftool of free -grace to have a pardon fealed in heaven,affurance copies it out and pro- claims it in confcience ; unlefs we admit this di- finLfion,we open the flood -gates to Antinomi- anifm. Fourthly, Faith is a permanent thing, an im- mortal feed which never dies, it is built upon the rock, of ages, and cannot be moved , it hangs upon an infallible word, the leaf jot or tittle thereof cannot fall to the ground, it is fed with an everlafting fpring, the holy fpirit be- ing in the believer as a well of water bringing up to eternal life, but affurance is tranfient; now the believer hath nothing but wine and honycombs of grace,and a little after he bath a cup of gall and wormwood ; now a sheet full of celeftial joys and comforts is let down to him, and then all is taken up into heaven a- gain : he is much like yofeph, fometimes in the coat of many colours, in the vilible badges of his fathers love, and anon fript and cart into the, pit ; like poor Heman, free amongthe dead, and laid in darknefs, he is a fpiritual Heliotrope, who is all day in heavenly amours, wheel- ing and turning about to the light of Gods . countenance, and anon, when night approach- es, contrats his leaves and hangs down his head, till there be avother Sun ; it the effence of faith be in affuranc ;, the believer {lands, as it were upon a fia of gla(l, in a very lu- bricous condition, 'tis well with him whileft he 14t