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14° 11ecfotO San. refignation before, and a faith of aurance al- ter jufiification, we cannot pollibly deal with the Romandts. Bellarmine fpeaking of that fpecial faith whereby a man believes himfelf l9 e notia juft before God in and through Chrift, puts .Ecclefæ. this ere; Cum inci pio credere me effe jujtum vel Jüm jujus, vel inJuftus, fi uftu.r, non juf i- ftcor per fidem banc quia ifta fides pofterior met juftitia, fi injuftus, ifta fides eft falfa, when I begin to believe my felf juft am I ju(t or un- juft, if ju ft, I am not jufti fled by this faith which is after my righteoufnef if unjust this faith is fall ; neither is there any imaginable way to diffolve this knot regularly with- out fuch a diftin6l ion between faith as an- tecedent to juftification , and faith as confe- quent. Thirdly, Faith juftifieth us in foro Dei, be- fore God; affurance juftifïeth us in foro confci- enti e , in our feeling, and declaratively only. Faith juftifies us before God ; all thofe expref- fions in St. Paul touching juftitication by faith, are meant óf a juftincation before God. I (hall name but one or two, that no man is ju- flified by the Law in the fight of God is evi- dent ; for, the juft'hall live by faith, Gal. 3. i a. the juftihcation before God, here denied to the Law, is attributed to faith. And a- gain, a man is not juil-ified by the works of the Law, but by the faith of JefisChrift,Gal.2.a6. He doth not fay, faith declares a man juftitì- . ed, for that even the excluded works may do, but faith juftiiìes: Faith puts on Chrift and his