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144 '* leCtoUO ,anti. there is a conftellation of faith and other gra- ces in the heart, then thefe graces irradiated by the holy fpirit fend forth a kind of fplendor , which the foul refleHing on it Pelf, . taking up, it comes to attain 4fï'urance, well knowing that fuck and fuch things accompa- ny falvation, and import no lefs then a Di- vine favour; notable is that of St. Paul in whom after ye believed, ye were fealed with the holy fiirit of promife, Eph.i. 13. Mark, after ye believed; tiril there mull be faith, and the train of graces attend thereon, and then comes the feal of the fpirit of promife, the famefpi- rit which endited the promifes in the' word, comes and feals them on the heart; whereas in the word there are fuch promifes made to faith and love and holinefs , the irradiating fpirit plainly difcovers that faith and that love and that holinefs to be indeed in the heart , and fo feals up the promifes to the believer in particular, as if it had exprefly faid, this or that promife belongs to thee. Hence the believer fo fealed may fay of the promifes, as Origen did of thole Scriptures which did much affec`} him, hæc e(i Scriptura mea, this promife is mine, and that promife is mine ; nay, all the Land of promife, as much as I can let my foot on , is mine own. There are three feals to the promifes, timi God feals them for true in the blood of his own Son, in whom all of them are Tea and Amen; then man feals them for true by faith, he that believeth, fets to his feal that God is true ; and then again God.