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1 ectoftgt fanny. God teals them for true to the believer in par- ticular by his irradiating fpirit. Faith then goes before all other graces , but afhurance comes after them, as being no other then the clear evidence of their true exiftcnce in the foul. Unlefs we allow this diftinetion , we gratifie the Enthufiafis, who declaim againfl all marks of grace as legal things, and fandy foun- dations. Sixthly Faith (lands upon the word of God purely, totally and entirely. In point of e.xpetation, it will not look without a word of promife ; in point of obedience, it will not fir a foot without a word of command ; in point of doctrine , it will not lend an car without a word of ínftrution. Hence Re- verend Calvin faith, Perpetuam effè fidei re- pf.1.3ò velationem cum verbo, nec magir ab eo pop di- c. 2. velli, quàm radios á Sole, uncle oriuntur.Faitls bath a perpetual relation to the word and can no more be fundred from it then the beams from the Sun, from whom they arife fhould it be fundred from it, it would lofe its nature, and ceafe to be faith ; but affu- rance cloth not fund fo purely , totally and entirely upon the word : this is alfo mani- fell by the manner of attaining affurance , that is not made axiomatically in an Enthufz- aflical way, as if there were an inward voice, frying, thou art juflified , but difcourfively and atter fogne fuch manner as in this practi- cal Syllogifin, Whofoever believed), h fins are forgiven, but I believe, Ergo, my fins are for - L 145. given.