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to nectatio ,raitù: the major propofition is the ob,je6 of of ent the conclulion is an as of affurance, but the minor or middle propofition is an of of faith or refìgnation : Refignation includes affent, and, which is more , it yields up the foul to the terms of the Gofpel, but it Both not immediately arrive at affurance, as it was with Jacob when he heard his mothers counfel touching the bleíbng ; between his affent to the counfel, and his audible hearing the bleflìng pronounced on him , there was a putting on the garments of his elder brother; fo it is with the believer, when his heavenly Father offers him the Evangelical bleflìng, between his affent and his affurance of the bleff ng , there is a putting on the robe of Chrifts righteoufnefs : a meer affentor hath as it were but the . fight of his eyes, in look- ing on the rich treafures of the Gofpeha young believer hath a real title thereunto ; and a man . of affurance over and above his title, ïs able to bring hits evidences and read them to his com- fort. Secondly, That faith conffts in refignation, trill appear from the way which God of es in the roork ng of faith. God works it in a way of perfwafion , God _hall perfwade 7äpheth, and he _hall dwell in the tents of Shem, Gen. 9. 27. that is, in the Church of God, where the true Shem,the name of God is. When God ,comes with his Almighty Oratory,and fpeaks to the heart, perfwading, dwell not O man any lorger at home, in thy will or righteouf- nefc.,