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p2eetau# j attj. nefs, come into Shem , into my Name, into my mercy by a true recumbence , into icy holinefs by a cordial obedientialne-fs, and by the fweet firains of free -grace the man is charmed into a furrender of himfelfunto the Divine call, then there is faith indeed. Hence believers in Scripture are called perfwaded ones ; And force of them believed, AO. 17. 4. in tlae Original it is, And force of them were 6,48.,av perfwaded , and on the contrary, unbelievers are called the unperfwadeable ones , ver. 5. Ót áai9 ;y- fuch as will not Puffer themfelves to be per- =Er fwaded. Faith is called perfwafion, a yield- 7,ET,19 ,,t ing to the true Suada, the fpirit and wifdom of God, none ever fpake or taught like him; and unbelief is called an unperfvadeableneß áxgAa or contumacy, it contradiEis and blafphemes at the fweet compellations of free - grace, if not outwardly, as thofe, wretches , Alf. IS. 6. yet inwardly , for it gives God the lye r yob. 5. ro. Again, God works it in the evidence and demonfiration of the fpirit; thus the Apofile faith , His preaching was in the demonfiration of the fiiri t and power, r Cor. 2.4. and then, as a :tweet fruit thereof, fol- lows faith handing in the power of God in the very next verse ; when the fpirit comes in its divine Logick, and demonstratively points out, this is the true fetus , that is the ve- ry Gofpcl, and here is the only way of fal- vation, and the pure light and evidence pref- fes in fo far upon the man , that , like one under a clear demonfiration, he is out-rea- L 4. foned,. r5