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PzCCiotto 153 fee in Lydia, ACs 16. 14. When the Geno- efe vanquìfhed the Venetians in a fea -fight, and took the Eland of Chioggia the Venetian Senate fent them a blank Charter, bidding them write down their own conditions, and they would accept thereof ; when God by his word and fpirit makes a conqueft on the heart, and it yields up it felf as a blank for him to write all his wills and pleafures in, then there is true faith wrought in the foul. Thirdly, That faith Hands in refignation will appear from the titles given unto faith in Scripture. 'Tis a leaning or rolling upon God, Cwt. 8. 5. Pfäl. 37. 5. which are poftures of refignation ; the believer Both not Rand upon his own bottom , nor bear up his own weight, but layes all upon God. 'Tis a committing ones Pelf to God, 2 Tim. I. 12. which is an act of refignation ; a believer pawns his foul to God, and as a pawn he leates it upon God , as the expreflion is Ffal.io..t4. well knowing that it cannot he in a ítirer hand, as it were going out of the poft iTion of himfelf, that he may be al- together in the culiody of God. 'Tis a fubmitting to the righteorfnefl of God Rom. r o. 3. which is the refignation of a fubjcet to his Prince; a believer catis off his own righ- teoufnefs as rags , and will be under no o- ther righteouhicfs but Chritis. 'Tis a call - ing our burden on the Lord, Ff 1. 55. a be- liever finds .tins and wants too weighty for him